Ending political corruption is only fix!

How long did Enron and Bernie Madoff survive?

By Jack E. Lohman

How long would your company survive with a corrupt management team or board of directors? If you found that they were giving away company assets in return for cash bribes, would you have them thrown into jail or write it off as freedom of speech?

If your accountant said that the corruption was causing deep losses (deficits), high costs (taxes), and restricted sales (local infrastructure), would you accept the employee’s actions as simply freedom of speech?

Your politicians are as corrupt as those in Afghanistan or any other country, and it must stop. We’ve already seen minor Tea Party skirmishes, and next will be major rallies on April 15th. Let’s hope they don’t bring guns this time.

The bottom line is that no country can survive constant leadership corruption, whether protected by the Constitution’s First Amendment or not. Here’s where we are headed if we do not abate it: The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society

Do not fall for the rhetoric!

Washington is not “broken,” it is corrupt. It is not partisanship or gridlock, it is that the special interests are getting exactly what they paid for: control over the government.

Legalized political bribery through our campaign finance system is practiced flagrantly, frequently and out in the open, with your politicians essentially thumbing their noses at their voting constituency.

These guys are stealing from me, you, my kids and your kids, all to retain political power and the financial wealth that goes with it. How much longer are we simply going to turn the other cheek?

And the media is totally negligent, even complicit, in this takeover of our government by the special interests. Perhaps because these Fat Cats are also heavy advertisers, they refuse to use the word corruption. The Economist, for example, calls America “ungovernable,” when in fact it is very governable by the Fat Cats that fund the elections and not by the voters who don’t have the cash to compete.

We must take our country back by voting 100% of the bastards out, beginning in November, unless and until they pass public funding of campaigns!!!

If politicians are to be beholden to their funders, those funders must be the taxpayers.

And to those taxpayers who don’t want to spend taxpayer money on campaigns, get this: you already ARE funding the campaigns through the back door, but you receive absolutely zero credit or political loyalty from the politicians for doing so.

They take their salary from you and their re-election cash from them. They have the best of both worlds at your expense.


— But a fix means that no more campaign cash will flow, and politicians will have nothing of that.

— Politicians have ways of turning on the cash machine. For example, threatening regulations (which they should do anyway) will start cash flowing from the banks and credit card companies.

— Blocking those regulations will keep the cash flowing.

— So with Anthem Blue Cross’s 39% increase, we’ve seen how this free market thingy really works. Unlike Medicare cost increases, which are driven by actual medical cost increases, Anthem’s are driven by shareholder and CEO salary demand. These could not have come at a better time, as it shines light on the need for Medicare-for-all.

— And while they should have every right to raise rates, they have given us every reason for a Medicare-for-all system.

3 Responses to Ending political corruption is only fix!

  1. David Herbst says:

    There is a certain and swift way to reverse the takeover of our government by Greedy Capital. It’s a two pronged approach that takes unified effort and guts on the part of at least 50% of the middle class who are fearful of the prospect that their children’s futures will go down the toilet and their own “retirement years” will turn into an impoverished struggle.

    We must “Starve the Dual-Headed Beast of Greedy Capital and Corrupted Government”. So, stop paying taxes as much as possible. Increase W-2 deductions to the point that virtually nothing is withheld and then file extensions without paying. Don’t pay real estate taxes.

    Secondly, refuse to pay credit card and other loan balances on accounts where one is charged interest that is more than 2% above the prime rate.

    Proposals calling for voting out all the incumbents has an appealing ring–but the replacements will either already be “bought” by the big-money interests or will be soon after arrival in the legislative halls.

    The banks and governments can’t possibly foreclose on everyone or throw everyone in jail (though the privatized prison industry would love that). If people care more about their FICO score than their democratic rights–then Jefferson was right–we deserve what we get.

    Once the money flow is cut dramatically, people of reason (not the Lipton Teabag Idiots), people who are vetted and selected (see Get Out Of Our House effort) for their intellect, honesty and honest patriotism can begin building a system of governance and commerce that serves the common good.

    Did I say COMMon–oh my, those first four letters appear at the beginning of Communism.

    I believe that, given information based on real facts, most people can think their way well beyond the blatant stupidity that is represented by Glenn Beck. We won’t find out unless we derail this runaway train. Left on the track, it will destroy any hope we have for a democratic society that fairly rewards true talent and honest labor and simultaneouly helps improve the condition of those who struggle with poverty, illness, lack of education and discriminatory conditions.

    Though my prescription will temporarily inflict pain on many who rely on the government, I do not see any other way. As local communities inspired by the prospect of real reform–we will find ways to help those in need–to help each other build anew a society and governance that is worthy to be called America.

  2. Yea, there are a lot of things we could do, but the one thing most effective would be getting the private money out of our public elections.

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