Tea Party could help, or hurt!

Anything would be better than what we have; or not!

By Jack E. Lohman

Our politicians have ruined our economy by spending good taxes on bad policy. Who would complain about taxation if there wasn’t do much waste and special interest giveaways?

A recent Institute for Wisconsin’s Future newsletter noted that “Due to state budget shortfalls, assistant district attorneys across the state may receive pink slips.”  That’s not good news for the state.

California is looking to furlough tens of thousands of non-violent criminals because they can no longer afford to house them. Criminals are being put on the street because taxes were used to satisfy special interest giveaways instead.

Wisconsin is no better off. We are spending billions on road building (the Zoo, Oconomowoc and Airport Interchanges, I94 Milwaukee to Chicago, Hoan Bridge, and others), but we are withholding funds needed by localities to strengthen schools and fire and police coverage.

Is it any wonder that the Tea Partiers are marching?

They don’t like our political system, but they don’t really know why. Some are D’s and others R’s, but frightfully, some are fringe wackos. Let’s hope the former oust the latter and we move on to fix the system.

The Partiers haven’t been told by their leaders (extremists Dick Armey, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck) what the real problem is, and if or when they find out they’ll be even madder than they are today. And I hope they will be, as I support their ire. Their leaders are scary.

They are being misled. Conservatives promise that tax cuts will lead to more jobs, but that’s wishful thinking. Remember George Bush’s tax cuts in 2001 and 2003? Where are the jobs they were supposed to create? Yea, I know, in China and India.

Obama’s election promised change, but the election in Massachusetts sent the needed message: he isn’t cutting it. Whether he has finally smartened up only time will tell. He says he’d rather be a good one-term president than a bad two-term president, but he may get a mixture: a bad one termer. And he’s got a good start already.

  1. The recent Supreme Court decision didn’t help, and Obama’s failure to reform congress has made it worse. Robert Reich rightfully suggests “adequate public financing for presidential and congressional candidates who refuse private funding, more constraints on lobbyists, tighter rules for who must register as a lobbyist, fuller disclosure, and tougher rules on the revolving door between public service and private gain.”
  2. But we also need reforms on corporations. Let shareholders decide what political expenditures are made, if any at all. Also give them a binding vote on CEO and executive pay and bonuses, rather than defaulting to a conflicted “compensation consultant” hired by the CEO-friendly board. Let them also appoint and vote on the board of directors using the IRV voting system. If shareholders are to own the company, let them control it.
  3. We must also pay politicians depending on the degree to which they balance the budget while keeping the “tax per citizen” to a minimum.  That is, how well are they running the state/country? Double their wages if they do a good job, halve them if they don’t.

While the politicians should be ashamed of their corruption, the voters and taxpayers should be absolutely irate. Only a 100% turnover in November will fix it. Vote the incumbents out in the primary so you can stick to your favored party.


— Having owned stock in a company that was driven into the ground by exorbitant executive salaries and poor management, and having absolutely no say in its operation, I am indeed sympathetic to shareholders.

On Reagan/Bush: “To cover tax cuts we stopped maintaining the infrastructure and started borrowing.  To satisfy their  hatred of government we increasingly stripped away rule of law, regulation, and belief in one-person-one-vote.  We are seeing the consequences of all of that coming back to roost now.”

— So Paul Ryan proposes a flat tax and vouchers for Medicare? Who’s paying this guy? Will congress switch to a voucher plan?

— Tax cuts? Yea, for small businesses only. Eliminate them!

Dr. Margaret Flowers on Bill Moyers talking about single-payer healthcare.

9 Responses to Tea Party could help, or hurt!

  1. clyde winter says:

    Only Congress can make federal laws and only the Legislative branch (not the Administrative branch) can reform Congress. President Obama has certainly reformed how the White House and the Administrative branch works. How, precisely, did you expect the President to “reform Congress”, Jack? Name one President during your lifetime (or before, for that matter) who has done a better job for the people during his first year in office.

  2. For one thing, he could have told Pelosi and Reid that “I want NO bills coming forward until we pass public funding of campaigns, otherwise I will veto them.” And done a better job? Having the taxpayers pay out bonuses to banks? Sorry, Clyde. I don’t think so.

  3. Dohnal says:

    Sure Jack, we’re all just a bunch of dumb Polacks. The problem is with priorities, not the mounts of money.
    Blame your buddies in the liberals gangs.

  4. John Hyland says:

    Sorry, you missed one pretty good. Bush’s tax cuts created 10 million new jobs. Tax collection then broke all records with corporate taxes up 56% and individuals up 15%. This resulted in the deficit going down for three straight years. ’05, ’06, ’07.
    The the Dems took over the spending in the election of ’06. So, deficits and unemployment immediately blew sky high with the Dems in charge of spending. Bush’s only real problem was not enough vetos. In wanted to reach across the aisle. He was too nice.

  5. Sandy says:

    How else would Obama have pulled the economy out of its dive? I supported his move.

  6. Bob, what part of corruption do you not understand? Priorities? That’s what you call obstructionism?

    John, I don’t have all the numbers, but the jobs started leaving the economy on Bush’s watch, and giving tax breaks to people who are going to invest in China and India is not what I call productive. The economy crashed on his watch as well.

    Sandy, he could have given our tax money to Fannie and Freddie instead and had them use it for loans to businesses and homeowners. Instead, the cash went to the bankers who helped crash the economy.

  7. John Hyland says:

    To money…..The unemployment rate was still under 5% in ’06 the last year Bush was in charge. Pelosi took over in ’07. It had gone up a bit but the main reasoning for change in ’06 election was the war. The Liberals and liberal media saw to that with constant brainwahsing for 4 years.

  8. I don’t agree John. Bush remained in charge with a filibuster-prone senate until Franken was sworn in July of ’09. Then and only then can you start blaming the Dems for lack of progress. But both D’s and R’s are bought and paid for by banking, insurance, pharmaceutical and virtually every other industry out there. Nothing meaningful is going to happen with the current corrupt yokels in office.

  9. So now we have senators putting “holds” on appointments even when they don’t have enough votes for a filibuster??? How stupid are our senators? Change the damned rules!!! You’ve got the majority and you don’t need 60 votes. Where is our leadership???

    I think this is conclusive evidence that this whole thing is just one massive game; a conspiracy between the two parties.

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