Kohl and Feingold are out to lunch!

Voters of both parties are upset; they must kill this bill.

By Jack E. Lohman

This is the stupidest political giveaway I’ve seen in my 72 years on this earth. It eclipses even the $780 billion giveaway to the drug industry in 2003.

That our politicians have allowed the foxes — the pharmaceutical industry then, the insurance industry now — to control the health care debate is absolutely shameful, if not totally criminal. And the corruption is on both sides of the aisle.

Now it’s the corrupt Dems, but you can be sure that if the tables were turned it would be the corrupt R’s instead.  Even Senators Kohl and Feingold would not stand tough and demand a single-payer system, which 2/3rds of the nation supports. They must be pleased that insurance company stocks have increased by 30% since October.

The insurers caused today’s problem and must be eliminated from the system, not expanded as congress plans. Our insurance bureaucracy consumes 31% of our healthcare costs, and the bills before congress will increase waste to 40% (though much of it will be in government overhead, it is still a taxpayer cost).

Where are our heads?

Instead of health care draining 16.5% of GDP, as it is today, it will grow to 20% virtually overnight! And insurers will be the benefactor. Over 20 new governmental departments must now be supported by the taxpayers, all to administer the massive new mandates and taxes and regulations currently being traded on the House and Senate floor.

The most inclusive and efficient health care system is an “Expanded Medicare-for-all system,” and that administration is already in place! Has been for 50 years! The 31% of insurance bureaucracy waste would instead be spent on health care for America’s 15% who are unemployed or do not have coverage.

THAT is a single-payer system! It does not change your care, if you have it. It changes how we pay for it and increases participation to 100%.

All 100% of our citizens could receive first-class Cheney-care for the same dollars we are paying today. You get sick, you get care, and the caregiver gets paid. Simple as that.

But Oh, some will claim that’s “socialized medicine!”  They are wrong, because it uses our same private hospitals and doctors we use today. But what if they were right? Who cares? It works in virtually every other industrialized country!!!! And their employers are better off for it and hold a strong competitive advantage over companies in the US.

Yes, we’d pay for it differently; through taxes rather than wages. But it would bail out 100% of our companies that spend 15% of their wages on health care. Not just the banks and car manufacturers. And it would help bring jobs back to America.

That our esteemed politicians have traded American lives for campaign cash is utterly disgraceful.
This is now and always has been an issue of political corruption. Only public funding of campaigns will come close to fixing it.


— I didn’t vote for Obama, but when he was elected I at least had hope for the political system. I do no more. He has become a total waste, just like the others.

— IF this bill passes it may indeed be the Dem’s undoing. The R’s must be very hopeful at the moment, if they don’t crash and burn themselves.

— Why no transparency? What politician wants his constituents to see what goes on when he sleeps with the industry?

— They must kill this bill and restart from scratch. But first they must sideline the campaign cash that is buying their vote.

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