Why would Afghanistan want our democracy?

When you have corruption you know, why import a western version you don’t?

By Jack E. Lohman

Clearly, given the options, most of us will choose America’s style of democracy over all others. We have a great country, although with serious problems. Not the temporary unemployment and the economy, but the permanent mismanagement and political corruption that got us here in the first place.

We can fix it, but only if we recognize and are willing to deal with the root cause. We cannot remain complacent and awed by our politicians. They are the problem.

Our problem is not the Left or the Right, because neither have control of the political system. One dislikes taxes and the other the way they are spent, but neither has the cash needed to buy congress. Only corporate America does, and it has, and that’s why we’re here.

Comically, our politicians have placed themselves on funny little pedestals and broadcast this air of royalty. They do not dare call each other what they really are, and instead use terms like “my esteemed colleague” and other self-aggrandizations. It’s sickening if you can see through it, but sorry if you can’t.

They cautiously criticize the CEOs who gain even while their company loses, but will not pass laws that press their own performance, even while their country loses because of their actions and inactions.

Virtually all of our congressmen will retire as millionaires and many will move on as lobbyists to play the system and taxpayers for what they can.  It is a human trait to look after your own wealth first.

We must start paying politicians the way private industry pays managers, with bonuses for good performance. Double their income if they are worth it but get rid of them if they aren’t. If they want to make a lot of money, they can earn it by making the economy flourish. If they fail, their income goes down.

But I would establish an elected body of 10 economic advisers to set the rules, and certainly wouldn’t trust the politicians to do it.

On Afghanistan, how can our politicians even think of criticizing its government for corruption when ours is so filled with it?

Do you doubt that?

Why would a congress filled with 535 “esteemed” members have such a tough time fixing the American healthcare system, especially when so many other advanced countries have led the way?  Has it anything to do with the $125 million in campaign cash from the medical-industrial complex, including the insurance and pharmaceutical industries?

Neither Republicans nor Democrats can come together. They (conveniently) have “divisive” issues, better called “poison pill” amendments designed to kill or neutralize the entire bill, and both parties are in on the strategy because both parties receive cash bribes from the same insurance sources. They know their esteemed colleague is just doing what must be done to keep the ball from going in the net.

Whether you agree or not, with this or that health care option, is this the way you want your nation’s board of directors responding to constituent needs? On the basis of who passes them the most money?

Whether you are Right, Left, Center or whatever, we must restore honesty to our government, because it is currently being run like a Mafioso unit of organized crime. Drastic wording, yes, but can you call it anything else?

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