Jobs!!! How do we get them back?

Eliminate corporate taxes for Wisconsin companies

By Jack E. Lohman

Indeed we must get people back to work, but in permanent manufacturing jobs; not temporary or low-level work. Today the US has 17% unemployed (including the given-ups and under-employed), all because of corrupt politicians that have bent over for their wealthy contributors. Money that should be going into the economy is being siphoned off by the Fat Cats.

In the 1930’s we recovered because we still had jobs in the country. Today most good jobs have been outsourced to other countries and are not coming back. Even whole companies and their middle management jobs are now gone.

We cannot ignore why the jobs left in the first place, and must recognize that getting them back will require major political and economic change. Mostly political, because the economy will recover soon after refocusing politician’s allegiance on the nation rather than their campaign coffers.

On a Bell Curve we have a few people at both extremes and a lot in the middle. At the lowest end are those who want to be supported by everybody else. In the middle are all those who want a decent lifestyle for their family, and don’t mind working hard but won’t give their life or integrity to achieve wealth. 

And then there are those at the top. Wealth and greed are the hallmarks and they’ll do anything to get your money. Even steal from the bottom 99% if necessary. (No, they don’t call it stealing, they call it “personal responsibility” and “values,” if you can believe that.) But the rich have learned how to game the system and who to pay off.

Today’s CEOs increase their salaries and bonuses on the short-term gains of companies. Some even benefit greatly on the losses, because they have a board that works for them and not the shareholders. Many CEOs make as much in a month as the average person makes in a lifetime, so they do not worry about long term results.

The easiest way to increase profits and executive salaries is to reduce major employee costs, which means outsourcing jobs to countries whose employees and benefits are one-tenth ours.

But the CEOs need total freedom to control the board which controls their massive pay package, so they rely on their trusty politician who is willing to eliminate corporate regulations, all for a price. A piece of the action, as it turns out.

Otherwise they’d pass laws that put shareholders in charge of the board that controls the CEO, rather than the reverse.

This is about political money. Always has been, always will be.

Health care is the best example. The insurance industry has contributed millions of dollars in the past, but the politicians are not stupid. That money has been received and spent, thank you. They are now more concerned with the money of the future, but for that the private industry must be left in charge and public options must be removed or rendered useless.

All because private industry can give campaign contributions and public entities can’t.


— Which, incidentally, is why it is a bad idea to privatize the Milwaukee County Airport or Milwaukee water supply system. Count on the bribes to start flowing if that happens.

— An American gets paid 10 apples for a day’s work and a third-worlder gets only 1 apple. So how do you stop a CEO from outsourcing his jobs to China or India when the resulting profits go into his pocket? Certainly not with uncontrolled capitalism.

— Of the 4 manufacturers of swine flu vaccine, 3 are foreign. What will happen if those 3 countries limit exports to satisfy their own needs? Shouldn’t we try to get those companies back?

— Corporate America owns our politicians; the public does not. Bank profits that should be used to reimburse the taxpayers are instead paying huge bonuses, and they’ve gotten away with it because they contribute heavily to our politicians.

— So does the healthcare care, energy, and virtually every other industry that wants political favors. That deficits are okay with industry bailouts, but not okay with healthcare for this nations’ citizenry, proves the unimportance of the people.

2 Responses to Jobs!!! How do we get them back?

  1. John says:

    I don’t know if you saw this story, but sadly, I think this is a look at the future of business in our country.

  2. John, you are absolutely correct, and thanks for the excellent link. I’m not so bothered that the Mercury Marine CEO and Board members received good compensation, as I am about how corporations are run in the first place. And then the right-wingers complain about the unions are fighting (capitalistic-style) for a proportionally high salary and benefits. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of this.

    What bothers me most is that CEO and board member pay should be judged by the owners of the company… the shareholders. It is they alone who should determine how much of the profits should be dispersed to the management versus the workers, and that isn’t happening.

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