The speech Obama should have given…

Short and sweet…

By Jack E. Lohman

My Fellow Americans.

You voted me into office to get things done, and I haven’t yet passed the changes you believe in. I said Yes We Can, and now we will. Things are going to change.

I came to Washington thinking I was going to be president and found out that congress was owned by industry contributors and not by the people of the United States. That will change, I guarantee it.

I’ve made mistakes. I appointed old-time financial gurus to help us out of a mess they helped create. It is the fox guarding the henhouse. Guys that failed in their last job were put into this job, thinking they might do better. They didn’t. Geithner and Summers need a permanent vacation.

Taxpayer money that went to bankers that failed, should have instead been loaned to Main Street. We’re gonna get the money back — including the bonuses — and instead directly fund mortgages and car purchases. If any are left, that is. The cash for clunkers program has likely created a dry market because we used up the buyers that were waiting in the weeds.

But cut me some slack, this is my first year in the job. I’m leaning.

Bipartisanship isn’t going to work. The other side wants only to see my failure, and that’s not what I promised. What you want, they don’t. I can’t work with them, so we’ll go it alone.

First we’ll buy back our congress by passing full public funding of campaigns. If we want politicians working for us they are going to have to be paid by us. It’d be the best $6 per person we ever spent, and we’ll get it back in spades.

Then we’re going to pass the health care reform this country needs, a single-payer Medicare-for-all system. It will be the biggest and best corporate bailout ever, but it will be ALL corporations and not just the bankers and insurers and Big Pharma. Money currently spent on health care will now be spent on jobs.

Yea, I know. $46 million in campaign contributions from the insurance industry in 2008 alone. But that is the tip of the iceberg. Billions more await the politicians in years following if they leave the wasteful industry in the loop. I’ll not let that happen.

And no, we are not going to expand the debt limit for our children. The rich can pull us out of this; the poor cannot. We are going to increase taxes on those making over $250K a year and we’re going to eliminate taxes for corporations that both keep jobs in the states and bring back those we’ve lost.

Republicans and Blue Dogs have a heavy decision to make; it’s either the voters or the industry. Vote your conscience.

We won’t need special interest money to win in 2010 if we do it right today.

Thank you and good day.

Yea, right! That’s the speech he should have given but didn’t. He and the Dems are running only slightly ahead of the R’s in the corruption category. This isn’t about policy or ideology, it’s about bribery and corruption and getting cash donations. This year and next. Obama has proven to be no better than the rest.

12 Responses to The speech Obama should have given…

  1. BillC says:

    So far he’s been a real disappointment.

  2. Yea, and now a Nobel Prize… for acting!

  3. Alex Zonis says:

    Interesting article! I like it.

  4. TheHistorian says:

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda. The famous Obama words.
    Unfortunately, 52% of you elected a community organizer, not a statesman. So he will talk to you like a community organizer, not like a statesman.

    But even more important, the article above is a lie. If this is such heaven, then tell me why the economies of all of the countries with such health care are even flatter than ours? And why the liberals are being thrown out across Europe?

  5. Of course the above article is a lie. Did you read the title? It was wishful thinking.

    And I don’t care what the “other” countries economies are, we are losing our jobs to them because of their healthcare system. Canadian employers pay $800 per employee per year. Our employers pay $6500 per year, and we are now making more Big Three cars in Canada than in the US. Toyota is now relocating a plant from the US to Canada. Duh!

    And I suppose you are happy with the last eight years of conservative/Republican rule?

    • TheHistorian says:

      Why do you think I loved the last 8 years because I tell you that Obama is a fool? BTW, two of them had a Democrat Congress and two additional had a Democrat Senate. So Republican “rule” is instead just a Republican President? This is a typical fact told by someone who cannot remember even the last 8 years so he goes out and spouts the typical media line, also told by people who wouldn’t know a fact.

      Now on to your Canada point. I don’t CARE what they are billed as a direct cost. The Canadian sources claim that they spend $5,173/capita in health care and I will source it:

      Please be honest in your responses.

      • Republicans had the veto in the senate until 2009 when Franken was finally confirmed. THAT is what you call “control.” And the $5173 is inflated but it doesn’t matter for this discussion. Employers there pay only $800 per employee, and that’s why companies prefer Canada to the US. That’s why jobs are leaving the US and going to other countries.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Poor writing and worse ideas… typical liberal

  7. TheHistorian says:

    You win. If you read your responses and my comments, you will notice that you have not responded to any of my points, instead choosing to blow off any discussion. Enjoy your blog.

  8. I have responded to your every comment, though they weren’t always clear. But we disagree on the fix, and I can’t change that. What part of my answers did you not like?

    You apparently are a Bushite and don’t like Obama. I voted for Bush twice and McCain in 2008, and have great disagreement with Obama’s solutions thus far.

    But I have a very difficult time saying I liked the last 8 years. In fact I think Bush will go down in history as being the most inept president ever.

    If you take the politics and ideology out of it, and look at it pragmatically from a (non-insurance) business standpoint, and national economy standpoint, you’ll find that the Canadian “system” is better than ours, though terribly underfunded. Nonetheless, 86% of their people prefer it over ours. See the items under “Health Care – Canada.”

  9. Webapparition says:

    In order to give such a speech as you post here, the politician in question would have to have a degree of conscience, character and Integrity.

    In ancient Greece, actors were called Hypocrites! During the 2 year obama campaighn to be president, we saw the actor, as president we see the real barack!

  10. Name one politician that has a degree of conscience, character and Integrity. I know of none from either party. Except for Bernie Sanders, but he’s an independent.

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