Health Care: Another insurance giveaway?

Wisconsin businesses and our economy can’t take the hit!

By Jack E. Lohman

ObamaCare is on the wrong track, the insurance industry is winning, and the politicians could give a damn.

You can tell how important an issue is by the amount of campaign bribes that change hands. It also gives you a sense of whether a problem will be fixed or not, and in this case it looks like “not.”

The insurance industry cares greatly about its health care profits, enough to give $46 million in campaign dollars in 2008 alone to our esteemed politicians to block reform. It is critical to them that the system not be efficient, because that would automatically exclude them. It’d be a single-payer Medicare-for-all system.

Their booty is currently at $400 billion per year, so a return-on-investment of 8695-to-1 is nothing to sneeze at. That’s $8695 dollars in revenues for every dollar in bribes, and that’s not bad. Our business leaders can only wish they were on the receiving end of that, but instead they’re on the giving end. Live with it.

And the politicians must give serious thought too. Selling out their constituents and families for political cash is not an easy decision.

Both the House and Senate have introduced bills that keep the insurance industry in the loop. So instead of saving money for the public they are saving it for the industry. 

The industry’s net drain on the system is 22% of today’s private healthcare costs… in CEO salaries and bonuses, shareholder profits, broker commissions and campaign contributions… all passed on to the patient. And now politicians have proposed expanding the industry’s profits to the 45 million uninsured people, and if they can’t afford the premiums the taxpayers will provide a subsidy.

How are you liking it so far? The taxpayers will now be subsidizing the insurance industry, and our politicians will get a piece of the action!

The best system ELIMINATES the insurance bureaucracy by providing Medicare-for-all and saving $400 billion per year. Or expanding Medicare with vision and dental and etc, HR676, and saving nothing but also costing little extra.

It’ll transfer health care costs to the national infrastructure with perhaps increased taxes at the high end. But it’ll eliminate it as an employer expense which the public pays for anyway with higher product prices, lost US jobs, and a trashed economy. It’s a win-win for the public and non-insurance corporations.

So we have a choice, or I should say our politicians do. And I’m sure they’ll set aside the $46 million in campaign bribes and do the right thing. 😦


— And then we have guys like Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Orin Hatch (R-UT) and Max Baucus (D-MT) saying that the country can’t afford the dollars, when in fact we can no longer afford their corruption!

— This country cannot afford to not pass meaningful health care reform. We cannot let the insurance industry continue to hold the public and our businesses hostage.

— Instead of eliminating the insurance waste, our politicians are considering reducing payments to health care providers. That is absolutely the wrong way to fix the system.

— And the Blue Dog Democrats — you know, the ones who hate health care reform but love spending on wasteful defense policies — ought to become unemployed in 2010.

— Neither Herb Kohl nor Russ Feingold have co-sponsored the Bernie Sanders Medicare-for-all bill. That should make Republicans very happy.

— Congressmen must be made to sign on to whatever public plan they create, and the government must go with the lowest bidder.  How’s that for making them honest?

2 Responses to Health Care: Another insurance giveaway?

  1. All the special interests would basically “go away” if single payer were instituted. Small businesses couldn’t complain about being penalized for not providing health care for all their employees by paying an 8 percent penalty. All that would really happen is an increase in FICA. Simplicity at its most extreme. Deductables based on income is also something I’ve heard nothing about.

    But the insurance industry and Republicans thrive on complexity to confuse and stop reform in its tracks.

  2. Even if, and that’s a big *IF* given who owns our politicians, but IF we win single payer we will still have to defend it against the special interests on a daily basis, just as they are in Canada. At least until we get the bribery out of the political system.

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