How to pay for healthcare reform…

… when even the Dems are corrupted by industry cash!

By Jack E. Lohman

Wealthy wage earners should be very angry. Instead of congress eliminating the insurance middleman waste to pay for health care reform, as they should, they are proposing sending rich guys the bill in the form of new payroll taxes.

Aren’t these politicians just great? You guys obviously did not put enough in the kitty. Rather than eliminating the insurance waste, they’ll just have you pay for it.

Paying for reform could be very simple, except for the $46 million of insurance industry money taken by Congress. Obama’s Dems are as lucky as the Republicans, so it has become a major congressional battle. Politicians don’t do things for free, don’cha know.

The best national solution is to add healthcare to our infrastructure and provide Medicare for all, a single-payer system, and that basic change would result in an annual $400 billion decrease in health care costs.  That would give 100% of our people first class Cheney-care, or for the same dollars we spend today, we could expand the services to include dental and eye care. Even federal employees would love that system.

The 31% of today’s health care waste is consumed by the insurance bureaucracy, which includes billing departments at every hospital, clinic and insurance company, plus the insurer’s high CEO salaries and bonuses, shareholder profits, actuarial and marketing costs, broker commissions, and even their lobbying and campaign contributions that are passed on to the patient.

Isn’t it nice to know that your politician is getting a piece of every private health care dollar? That’s why politicians always prefer private over public. One can give campaign contributions and the other can’t.

A Medicare-for-all system makes sense not just for our citizens, but even more so for our businesses who are now spending 15% of wages to pay for health care. They cannot compete with foreign product so they are outsourcing their manufacturing jobs to foreign countries, which has helped the US economy in its crash. 

To do this right the insurance industry will have to give some of its growth back, and the politicians will be seeing less of their lobbyists and cash. But the country will be better off because of it.

For new readers:

— Campaign cash is at the heart of every societal problem. Follow the money and you’ll virtually always find a politician at the end with his hand out. State and federal politicians are all the same.

— Obama made a massive strategical blunder by trying to pass any legislation without first getting campaign bribes out of the system. The bankers own the financial markets and the insurers own health care, and you’ve seen where these have ended up.

— The people don’t own anything, when at least they should own their politician. Had we public funding of campaigns we would have fixed health care years ago and our taxes would be 30% less than they are today.

— It usually has less to do with a politician’s core beliefs or those of his constituents, and more to do with which industry he gets his money from. And the industries know who can be bought.

— I am tired of talking about it but the corruption will not stop. It is the Number One cause of our economy crash, and it will continue as long as politicians take private cash for their campaigns.

— It is not the illegal corruption that is so bad, and anyway that will likely never stop. But the legal corruption, campaign contributions, is worse and must immediately cease. It is pure political bribery. If they weren’t in congress they’d go to jail for accepting bribes and even extortion.

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