Politicians trash society

This is absolutely absurd, and it must stop!

By Jack E. Lohman

These are our politicians. Paid by the taxpayers to look after our state and federal infrastructure.  But they are corrupt. No better than any other corrupt government!

This nation’s economy was trashed by greedy executives who wanted an ever-bigger share of the pie, and the politicians who deregulated the banking laws to allow a massive transfer of wealth. They both got a piece of the spoils. We got a trashed economy.

Elimination of banking regulations in 1999 permitted the hyping and selling of worthless securities and home loans. Fake growth. A market bubble ensued, then it popped. What else could be expected. It was a timebomb.

What more can you buy when you already have everything? Except, perhaps, another politician.

CEOs who aren’t satisfied with their already-gigantic salaries, outsource jobs to make them even bigger. And our politicians give them tax breaks in the process.

Inequality is not just a word. We cannot continue to transfer wealth from the many to the few without totally destroying commerce and our society.

Worse, when the rich have it all and the rest have nothing, civil war is the only logical next step.

So now all of the massive wealth that was drained from the system must be restored on the backs of the taxpayers, through both cash installments and job losses. When will it end?

We’ve cleaned up the label. We call them campaign contributions but they are just plain bribes. I’m tired of hearing about how “strong” this or that lobby is. They are not strong when they must rely on cash bribes to get their way. They are weak, and that’s why cash bribes are needed. Good laws do not require cash to flow. They happen because they should.

At the state level we are giving pink slips to teachers (one while in the hospital battling cancer) all because the state needs the cash for projects requested by the special interests that fund political elections. We are cutting child care and releasing prisoners early to free up revenues for the contributors. But then politicians increase taxes to compensate. And conservatives yowl, but fail to see what caused it.

So then we put them on unemployment and we pay them anyway, to not work. And the economy further tanks. So we cut back on entitlements and drive people onto the public dole instead. Where are our heads?

The poor and middle class cannot bail us out of this, only the wealthy can. With more progressive taxes and by keeping jobs in the U.S.. Do the politicians have the guts to make it happen?

The fix? There is only one. Full public funding of campaigns. At $5 per taxpayer per year, $6 at the federal level, it’d be a bargain at 100 times the price.

Are the Dems smart enough to make it happen? They’d lock themselves in for decades to come if they’d fix it. Or the R’s could push it and make the D’s look like wooses.

But let’s not do it because it’s the right thing to do!  🙂


And speaking of political corruption, in walks the King, Sen. Max Baucus, who shared in the $46 million in contributions from the insurance industry and has thus far refused to put our most efficient option, single payer, on the table for consideration. If you are one of the very few who opposes a single-payer solution, thank your lucky stars that our politicians are on the take. They are looking out for you, don’cha know?

Until we get the private money out of the political system it is going to be a constant battle with the insurers to keep effective whatever health care system we get passed. Even a full-fledged single-payer system. It happens daily in Canada that they chip away at parliament to undermine and underfund their system. Now add the $46 million per year in congressional bribes and we are faced with a major battle that is not over even when we think we’ve won it.

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One Response to Politicians trash society

  1. And now Ted Kennedy has released “his” proposal, and it too requires a mandate for everyone to buy insurance.

    So in order to pay for the increased administrative and investigative and legal costs with a mandated insurance plan we have to deduct even more than today’s 31% of health insurance bureaucracy costs?

    We can afford to charge the public for all of this, but we can’t o tax them for an extremely efficient Medicare-for-all system like Sanders’ SB703 and Conyers’ HR676? Give me a break.

    I sure wish I would have had the government mandate that 100% of the population buy my product. See what $46 million in campaign bribes can get you?

    Winston Churchill had it right when he said “America will always do the right thing, but only after everything else fails.”

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