Our parties must come together!

We should be fighting globally, not internally.

by Jack E. Lohman

How are you liking it so far?

You know, this world economy that both political parties worked so hard to trash? The housing crisis that we can mostly blame on the Dems and the banking crisis we can blame on the Republicans? And all of it we can blame on greed.

As just two of many examples, the Right is upset because the Dems take labor contributions and promote laws that protect unions, and the Left is upset because the R’s take insurance contributions and fight against single-payer health care.

Get over it, or fix it!

Both are rightfully upset, because both parties are driven by corrupt politicians who accept cash bribes. And they’ll take them from anybody, even those that want to futher drain our economy.

Is this really how we want our country to be run?

We vote out the politicians but never vote out the special interests that fund their campaigns. The new politician comes in, starts getting the old money, falls right into line and the spending continues. Taxes continue to go up as we fund more bridges to nowhere, because bribes work. They just influence different people from time to time.

Political Party Trends

Political Party Trends

Source: Time Magazine

You’d not run your company this way, and this is not how any government should be run. Our employees should not be on the take. We must get the moneyed interests out of the loop. Then sometimes the Left would win and sometimes the Right, but the politicians would be voting in your best interest rather than theirs.

Yea, there will always be the extremists on each end, but they are becoming more rare. Only 23% of the public consider themselves Republican any more, and that’s a bit frightening (at least for conservatives).

Republicans hate taxes, yet special interests give money to advance spending. The GOP obviously likes the money more than it hates the spending.

But if Republicans are ever to reclaim their leadership, they must demand a moral political system. We must fix it by eliminating the influence of private money; bribes. We must have public funding of campaigns, and we must implement Instant Runoff Voting to eliminate the wasted vote syndrome.


— And our congress is upset at Afghanistan’s corrupt government??? Give me a break.

— Obama, who doesn’t understand that decreasing health care inflation by 1.5% doesn’t mean reducing it to 1.5%, has gotten sucked in by the industry. That is, instead of a 10% annual increase it’ll now be 8.5%. Isn’t that just sweet?

— The industry set out to kill single-payer and this may just give them the cover to do so. See what $47 million in contributions can get you? It even buys a president!

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