Stopping piracy 101

First let’s get the 200+ hostages back.

By Jack E. Lohman

Step One, make ’em an offer they can’t refuse. Offer the current pirates an out, an opportunity to walk away without getting killed or maimed or prosecuted. 

Even give them a salary spread over five years to go back home and work to better their country. A one-time amnesty, no second chances. Get caught again and their salary ends, maybe even their lives. Get them involved in useful work at home.

Their only other option is death or imprisonment. We will board to rescue the hostages and kill the pirates if the hostages are harmed.  And if the U.S. can’t handle the blood we should outsource it to our private militia, Halliburton or Blackwater. 

I doubt they’ll harm the hostages knowing that pirate death is a 100% certainty, but that’s a chance we take. Alternatively the insurers can pay the tab and we skip to the next step.

Step Two, let’s absolutely stop future takeovers. Equip the ships with electrified barbed wire and put six armed guards aboard. Add firepower to blow encroachers out of the water before they reach the ship. But if they do reach the electrified barbed wire, we can slow them down by throwing the switch. If that doesn’t stop them we shoot to kill. Buried at sea. They meet their maker and the 17 virgins.

But then we must do something about Somalia and other lawless countries. The United Nations should send in troops until they have a stable government and internal security. The U.S. Government should quit sending cash foreign aid, which is usually squandered on corruption and rarely reaches the people. We should fund U.S. volunteers instead, which will help get our unemployed people off the dole by creating new jobs. They’ll get to travel and see the world.

And if we can’t stop these criminals we can’t stop anybody. We ought to hang it up.


— Oh, the poor banks want to give the TARP money back to get out from under the Govt limits on executive salaries. Great!  But if they didn’t need it, why did they take it in the first place?

— Banks will stop lending? Great! The feds should take over the failed banks and use their infrastructure and taxpayer money to make the loans. Let the banks compete if they wish, like FedEx and UPS does with the US Post Office.

— Obama was wrong to release the torture memos but right to oppose proscecution of Bushites. We need to move on and the Liberal grudges need to take a back seat.

— Obama was right to shake the hand of Chavez. What else could he have done? The R’s have to get over it and quit being so partisan.

— Newt Gingrich wants to start a third party. Great! Yea, he’s as corrupt as the rest, but he’ll drain more votes from the right than the left, and we sure don’t need more of the last eight years.

2 Responses to Stopping piracy 101

  1. John Ballard says:

    My reaction was the same, but then I remembered something I heard about K&R Insurance. (Kidnap and Ransom) It’s a regular line item expense now for companies with staff in dangerous places.

    Here’s the post I put together about it.

  2. Thanks John. This is a very complicated issue, but they must solve it if we are to expect commerce to continue.

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