So Doyle will call the shots…

Let us hope they favor the people…


By Jack E. Lohman

I wish I could trust politicians. Congress first sent $350 billion to the banking and credit industries, and they’ve held onto the money and the Feds refuse to provide a list of who got what. But we know that $50 million has gone to executive bonuses, perks and shareholder dividends, an egregious violation of public trust. But we are an easy citizenry.

Now they want the second $350B, even after squandering the first.

Stop it in its tracks!!! Get the first money back! Do not spend another dime! Fire Paulson and Bernanke. Wait for the new bosses to come in. Let the auto makers consolidate!

Obama plans to send cash to the states and let them distribute it to stimulate the local economy. Governor Doyle will have the opportunity to show his mettle, or not. Building “something, anything” benefits only the builder, and it is slow to trickle down. And useless make-work jobs just fritters the money away. Doyle will be graded on this one.

Going forward this must be the smartest use of money ever:

  1. Fund 50% of new-employee wages for existing corporations. Give them a reason to create jobs in Wisconsin.
  2. Fund a fall-back credit agency to eliminate housing foreclosures.

Then eliminate corporate taxes altogether. Corporations simply add the taxes they do pay — plus the accounting costs to minimize them — to the price of their product and pass it on to consumers. And in the process we make them even less competitive with foreign products than they already are, so they send more manufacturing off shore.

This is the craziest game ever, and the consumers are losing it.

The same is true for health care costs. If corporations were not burdened with employee health care, they could lower their costs and add more employees. Again, they add these health costs to their product price, or alternatively, they offshore the jobs to countries that already have universal healthcare systems.

We must implement a Medicare-for-all system that will save ALL businesses $6000 per employee per year in healthcare costs. Yea, it means more personal taxes but it will be less expensive to us in the long run. We need one pool of 300 million people rather than 300 million pools of one. Eliminate Medicaid and BadgerCare; do it right for everybody.

Medicare-for-all is probably the most sensible bailout of all, because on top of saving corporations money it adds 45 million uninsured to the health care system and will easily create a million jobs nationally.  Even BadgerCare-for-all would be a good alternative to draw companies and jobs to Wisconsin.

  • Tidbits:
  • These ideas favor ALL industries and ALL citizens, not just a few and not just one-at-a-time. It’s a global fix. If the taxpayers are to bail out anybody, they should be on the positive side of the plan.

    But all too often, because it does make fiscal sense may doom it politically.

    The citizen activists will have their hands full following the money to ensure that those funding the elections are not favored in this process. Because if they are, this turnaround will not work.

    And let me say to those concerned about Pastor Rick Warren’s 15-minute invocation: get over it! Obama must be everybody’s president. To favor only your side of it will negate his effectiveness. He has a chance of bringing the country together; don’t block his efforts. Don’t let your one issue lose this opportunity to move forward.

    5 Responses to So Doyle will call the shots…

    1. HarryM says:

      Obama? So? You supported McCain or so you say. Would he have done better

    2. I did and I would again. I was a one-issue voter this time around: campaign reform.

      That said, Obama is trying his best to sort out what is best for the country moving forward, and the Republicans should set politics aside and avoid blocking fiscal recovery. This will harm the country and, frankly, harm their party as well.

    3. John says:

      How can you be so sure corporate prices will go done once they no longer have to pay taxes? They already know what price consumers are willing to pay for their products or services, why would they lower the cost? Extra money is usually considered PROFIT. It’s rarely used to lower the cost of a product. And with so many corporations already paying no taxes, why are they moving, closing or off shoring?

      State and national corporations used to invest in the communities they set up shop in, whether through taxes, sponsorship or donations. Freeing them from any connection what-so-ever frees them to move at will.

      Personally, I think there should be a national regulation banning corporate welfare, state incentives and tax breaks (tighter tiff regs), so states can’t undercut one another, destroying their existing tax base. Right now, the southern welfare states are racing to the bottom, taking the rest of the country with them.

      Campaign reform at the expense of everything else, including having an inept VP is just plain nuts.

      Sorry Jack, I’m detecting a little incoherence.

    4. When I owned my company, John, any opportunity I had to reduce prices to be more competitive, I did. If I didn’t my competitors would. That some corporations are not paying taxes already is a moot point. We’re talking about making the balance more competitive and willing to stay in Wisconsin.

      >> “Freeing them from any connection what-so-ever frees them to move at will.”

      I disagree. I think it will make them more loyal to Wisconsin. But I do agree that corporate welfare should be banned on a national basis, though that sort of flies in the face of competition and the free market. I wish there was a way to regulate it.

      You have to look at who zero corporate taxes are going to hurt the most, and it ain’t the taxpayers because they reimburse the corporations anyway when they add the taxes to the cost of the product. It’s the accounting, CPA and legal firms whose consulting fees are also added to consumer prices.

      Taxing corporations is a feel-good game. We all pay the price in the end.

      But with campaign finance reform that price is minimized because politicians are not under pressure to spend taxpayer money on special interest projects.

    5. And another thing John, taxing corporations is the functional equivalent of “renting” a house so you don’t have to pay property tax. But surprise! The landlord pays it and adds it to the rent. Same is true for corporate taxes.

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