Did government control really change hands?

Only ending political corruption will allow voters to rule


By Jack E. Lohman

Barack Obama now has the reigns, or at least he thinks he has.

The real power remains in the hands of the unelected special interests, the guys who fund the elections and never run for office.

The Republicans will retain filibuster power in the US Senate and will still control much of America’s direction, or lack thereof. Not by passing their agenda but by blocking that of the Democrats. But don’t you worry, they’ll still try to blame the Dems for not making progress. (As did the Dems when they were a minority.)

I’m worried about Obama’s penchant for earmarks, and I’m not happy with his reversal on taking public funding for his campaign. But the R’s aren’t much better, so we’ll see how this plays out.

Let’s get jobs coming back to our country. Eliminate taxes for companies that keep jobs in the US; increase taxes for those who outsource; eliminate employer healthcare costs by switching to a taxpayer-funded Medicare-for-all system; provide financial incentives for development of renewable energy, develop a taxpayer-owned offshore drilling effort to compete with OPEC et al; and develop a taxpayer-owned credit agency that loans money when banks won’t and guarantees loans when they will.

(And incidentally, rather than a government bailout of the auto industry, as is being discussed, let’s implement the HR676 Medicare-for-all system and it will eliminate the $6500 per year the industry is currently spending per employee and retiree for health care. And for all other industries as well, it will save money and keep jobs in the country! It bails out both industries and the public.)

Government hiring must stop and useless departments closed. This is a chore for the GAO. Employees must be moved to replace others who retire. We must eliminate waste, and as well, we must eliminate wasteful privatizing. Paying five times more for Blackwater troops is not just stupid, it is blatantly corrupt.

Yes, some socialism is in order, but it shouldn’t be giving $700 billion to the bankers so they can pay executive bonuses and shareholder dividends, as they are doing now with taxpayer dollars. That must stop and the crooks must go to jail.

It won’t be easy, because the unelected fat cats that fund the campaigns are still in power. Their job is to redirect well-intended taxes to ill-chosen causes, and their campaign cash well accomplishes that. Only public funding of campaigns will reverse this corruption, and in the process redirect government spending to repair our economy.

Let’s call it like it is. Eight years of George Bush and his free market capitalism and spending failed. The R’s blew it big time and the little people voted them out. They don’t get to speak often, but this time they spoke loudly.

Our corrupt political system got us into trouble, and only eliminating the corruption will get us out. Public funding of campaigns is absolutely necessary if we are to stop the free fall!

6 Responses to Did government control really change hands?

  1. Harold says:

    Yeah, Medicare-for-all makes too much sense, economically, and things that make sense don’t stand a chance of passing.

  2. That is, unfortunately, very true. We must overcome the political money from the insurance industry, as they’ll fight this tooth and nail. A testament as to why we need to eliminate the corruption from the political system.

    And while the auto industry bailouts may happen sooner than an HR676 fix can be implemented, there are thousands of other industries that would benefit from a Medicare-for-all system. This one fix is easier than thousands of fixes, and would avoid the misuse of funds that we’ve seen with the banking industry.

  3. Kevin Banks says:

    The change is in effect happening already embrace it!

  4. […] own greed. And we can’t ignore the CEOs and shareholders, who received about $15 billion of the bailout money to pay bonuses and dividends. They fund the elections, don’cha know. You can say a lot about […]


    I am trully sick about the management bonus remains in tact. In most companies a the Board of Directors would terminate the President and perhaps others, then get new management.

    What it really is a ”DIAMOND PARACHUTE”

  6. Unfortunately, Randall, the Boards usually have a sweetheart deal with your CEO and usually protect them, because they are themselves CEOs and they have your CEO on their board voting on their pay package. That’s what campaign contributions do for them. Their favorite politicians keep hands off of regulations.

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