At this point socialism looks pretty good…

Socialism ranges from 0% to 100%; Sweden hit a happy medium.

By Jack E. Lohman

On the charge of “socialism,” I asked a Swedish friend how she liked it:

“Regarding socialism I don’t really know what to answer. The kind of socialism we’ve had the last 50-60 years is not to compare with the old east block in Europe and absolutely not with i.e. Cuba or North Korea. We are somewhere in the middle. Basically education, health care and basic infrastructure in the country are paid for via the taxes.”

And this country has the highest standard of living in the world!!! We could do worse…

But Sweden’s political system must be different, I asked. Indeed it is, she says.

“Of course we also have problems with lobbyists selling ideas from different economic interests, companies, friends of politicians and so on. But our campaigns before an election are not done by contributions from private persons, companies or whatever. The different parties get a sum of money from us (taxpayers) for their campaign and that’s it, so the corruption are more on a personal level, friends and family on important government, county or local posts.”

Wow. Public funding of campaigns still has favoritism? A drop in the bucket compared to ours.

And I’m sure Sweden has made room for corporate crooks too, so not all is lost with socialism.


Here’s a 6-step plan to recovery:

  1. The U.S. will not recover until we bring back our jobs, and giving tax breaks to companies that outsource is not the way to do it.
  2. Jobs will not return until our elections are funded by taxpayers rather than corporations. We want politicians working for us, not them.
  3. We need zero taxes for good corporations that don’t outsource.
  4. We need Medicare-for-all paid for by taxpayers rather than businesses. (Oh, sorry, that’s “socialism.”)
  5. Because the banks won’t make loans, the taxpayers should open their own bank and compete, like the US Postal service does with UPS and FedEx. That will spring loose the cash in a hurry!  (Uh, oh. Could that be socialism too?)
  6. And, oh, we need a complete political turnover. We can’t fix the problem with the same idiots that created it.

It seems that conservatives have accepted socialism as we taxpayers bail out the rich, but they hate it when we bail out the poor. Funny how that works.

Yeah, the conservatives have made Sweden’s political system look pretty good.

4 Responses to At this point socialism looks pretty good…

  1. Laura DeGolier says:

    Thanks for your comments and insights. I am a moderate Republican who can no longer stand what is now known as party regulars. But I have voted for Obama, we need change, Jack. And I don’t believe McCain would be strong enough to bring it. He will be controlled by the same people who brought us Bush.
    This is a great piece.

  2. Thanks Laura. I also am a moderate Republican, but voted for McCain because this year I’ve become a one-issue voter: campaign reform. That’s because reforming the money flow is the one issue that controls all others. Right now the moneyed interests have control but don’t have to run for office. They remain in power with no fear of being unelected.

    That said, however, I also think Obama will do okay. He has a strong following that will demand reform.

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