Help me with this piracy thing

Don’t we have guns?

by Jack E. Lohman

So here we have some renegade pirates, capturing ships and holding their crews and goods for ransom. They collect their money and then safely speed away. Then they industriously do it again.

Where did they come from?

Where do they speed away to?

Why are they not blown up as they speed away?

Why are they not blown up as they approach?

Where are the airplanes?

Have we not learned anything over the years? Ransoms do not work. They provide an incentive for the bad guys to do it again and again, thus endangering even more people.

They must send a message that if you capture a ship, you will die. On the spot. We will do everything to save the crew, but the pirates will die. With a 100% surety. Dead. You will meet your maker. Today.

It may happen one more time, but once they kill the pirates on the spot, it will not happen again.

The novice in me asks, how do these pirates get close to the ships without getting blown out of the water? Why are the ships not armed with radar and guns? Why are the world’s powers not patrolling the waters with unmanned aircraft?

Piracy should be able to be stopped overnight.

Though it’s hard to argue that the piracy within our own financial industry is any more acceptable than that on the high seas, except that ours is legal and perpetrated by people we were supposed to trust, and blessed by politicians who were sharing the wealth.

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