How are you liking it so far? (Part I)


By Jack E. Lohman

Ok, let’s cut to the chase:

Gas prices:  It all started with the 1994 conservative takeover of congress and it got worse under the Bush administration. Deregulation of industry in general, not just energy.

The fix? All monopolistic acquisitions (oil, food, airlines) must be prohibited and the Feds must break up ExxonMobil, just as they did Standard Oil in 1911. And we must ask Iraq, politely of course, to start paying us back in oil, and we must revisit nuclear power and look at converting coal to gas.

Then Congress must authorize a new oil exploration effort to drill in the deep Gulf, and create a federally-owned entity like the U.S. Postal Service to compete with the OPEC conspiracy (where ExxonMobil is part of the problem, not part of the solution). 

Can we make this happen? It won’t be easy with Big Oil owning a piece of every congressman through their campaign contributions, and another piece of those who own oil stock (like Jim Sensenbrenner‘s $1M of stock in ExxonMobil).

Talk about anti-trust; our own congressman tops the list!

Food prices: Indeed the increased farming and transportation costs due to the oil crisis are partly to blame, but the bigger problem is the congressional hands-off policy that has allowed big corporate farmers to buy up the small farm competition. Congress even gives them massive taxpayer subsidies in the process!

And now biofuels consume more energy than they save, consuming both the corn and grain we eat.

The fix?  Ban biofuels!  They are inefficient and driving food prices out of sight. Prohibit farm monopolies. Donate farm equipment to needy nations, not money or food.

Why won’t congress fix it? Follow the money and you’ll find your favorite congressman on the other end with his hand out. They receive both oil money and food money to NOT fix the system! Millions in campaign dollars from Archer Daniels Midland keeps the ethanol pot boiling. That’s our free-market Congress.

Jobs:  Unemployment is now above 5% nationally, 250,000 jobs lost this year alone. And many of those people with jobs are high tech workers flipping hamburgers because their real job was outsourced. Mothers can no longer stay home with their children because they must work to help support the family.

So get this: corporations (including Microsoft) are now lobbying congress to increase the H1B visa quota. They say they can’t find qualified workers in America, so they must import them!  At a lower wage, of course, which helps maintain high CEO salaries.

What’s the common denominator?

Our corrupt electoral system. Politicians on the take!

There’s a handful of trusted politicians, and the voters know who they are. But the rest must be fired. Bribery and payola is driving every issue, and campaign contributions are killing our nation! It doesn’t matter what your party, fixing it will take a complete turnover of politicians, both at the state and federal level. We cannot afford to keep our current government.             

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