No, Rep. Nass, stop the payola and taxes will decrease!


Rep. Nass:

“Sales tax problems could doom state budget.”

“Governor and legislative leaders used distorted numbers to balance budget.”

State Representative Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) is reacting to news that the recently passed 2007-2009 Biennial Budget faces a serious fiscal crisis from stagnate state sales tax collections…..


“If the politicians that cut this budget deal worked in the private sector, they would be facing serious legal issues. However, the politicians that supported this budget face no accountability and the taxpayers will eventually pay to clean up the fiscal mess,” Nass said.

No, Rep. Nass, if politicians worked in the private sector they would be facing jail time for taking bribes and giving away company assets. That’s what drives up taxes!

If you really want to cut taxes, get the private money out of the political system with public funding of campaigns. It could be optional to pass constitutional muster, and it wouldn’t require taxpayer funds. It could be funded as they did in Arizona. Add a surcharge to criminal fines, and if you don’t want to contribute to the political system, don’t speed!

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