The high cost of our privatized electoral system

It’s not “political ideology,” it’s campaign CASH!

By Jack E. Lohman

Our health care crisis is a scary thing, and indeed it should be. It is a major fiscal threat among many major fiscal threats, all due to our corrupt political system. We cannot be proud of our government leaders for this.

At the state level the Republicans had every chance to save businesses upwards of $2 billion and implement Healthy Wisconsin for its citizens, yet they blocked it instead. With $600,000 in campaign contributions from the insurance industry, it’s easy to see why they preferred industry solutions.

But we’ll remember them in the 2008 elections, especially Assembly Leader Mike Huebsch and health vice-chairman Leah Vukmir, both of whom couldn’t or wouldn’t get their facts straight.

Congressional Republicans — including U.S. Reps Jim Sensenbrenner and Paul Ryan — didn’t do much better as they “compassionately” voted against expansion of the SCHIP children’s health care program. Too much money, they claimed, but that didn’t stop them from voting for a $780 billion giveaway to the drug industry’s Medicare D program — which, incidentally, prohibits Medicare from negotiating with the drug manufacturers to save Medicare money. The VA system cut its drug costs by 50%, but that’s not what the Republicans want for Medicare.


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