HillaryCare2.0 is the symptom of a major disease

By Jack E. Lohman

If there was ever any doubt that corporate money was driving our politicians, the latest HillaryCare proposal will eliminate it.

Hillary Clinton says she’s learned a lot since the 1990s, and indeed she has. Those who thought the Republicans had a lock on the insurance industry’s money should have learned as much. Of all political money contributed so far, Hillary is the top recipient of the insurer’s largess, even when including Republicans.

Thus, rather than eliminating the inefficient middleman insurance bureaucracy, which unnecessarily drains 31% of our healthcare dollars, she wants to protect its place in our lives.

So don’t count on meaningful health care reform under her watch. She wants to leave the current employer-insurer bureaucracy alone, and add subsidies for those who have no insurance. Of course those subsidies eventually end up in the insurance industry’s pockets (wink, wink).


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