Be careful of what you ask for!

November 15, 2013

Yes, auditing the Federal Reserve seems like the right thing to do. UNLESS you uncover shenanigans that we don’t want to know about and it trashes our country!

By Jack E. Lohman

I am not smart enough to know, but I hire politicians to make these tough decisions. Mine is Jim Sensenbrenner, and he has a law degree. Unfortunately he takes campaign cash from the corporations most influenced by the Fed.

Some of our voters don’t mind that, but it is political corruption. Payola.

And Jim, you are 70. Is this the way you want to leave the country? In the hands of the 1%?

No, I don’t trust them.

Even Rand Paul, who recently told Harry Reid that he has put a hold on Janet Yellen’s nomination to take over for Ben Bernanke.

I like Rand Paul, but I’ve grown to not trust any politician. Which is sad, because trust at the top is vital, whether in corporate or political leadership. Sometimes (often!) I think we pay these guys too much, and make their positions too lucrative that they’ll sell their mothers to protect them.

I would hope that before they ask the question, they already know the answer.

Ignore the promises. If you are happy with our nation’s direction, vote for incumbents that caused it. Otherwise vote for the challengers whose vote hasn’t been bought.

Senator Ron Johnson starts the healthcare ball rolling. Could it work?

November 8, 2013

No, he’s not there yet. But he IS concerned and he could start the fix in motion with a bipartisan push.

By Jack E. Lohman

I have purposely kept my distance from ObamaCare, because it sucks and I see it imploding on its own. And the Republicans have seen it too, judging by the repetitious opposition they’ve shown. Now even Democrats have joined them.

But most of their opposition is politically motivated, and I’d feel better if the politicians truly believed in doing the right thing for America.

Think about this…

  1. Our Big Three automakers now manufacture more cars in Canada because their healthcare costs are $800 per employee per year there versus $8000 per year here. (And we wonder why Detroit went bankrupt?)
  2. The cost of health care in Canada is 10% of GDP, versus 17.5% in the US. (and Canada could totally eliminate its wait times by increasing their costs to 12%.)
  3. It is well known that a single-payer Medicare-for-all system, like Canada’s, would extend health care to 100% of Americans and SAVE the country $400 billion per year in healthcare costs! (And eliminating the uninsured and Medicaid totally!)
  4. We’d pay for it differently, through taxes as opposed to higher product prices and unemployment.
  5. Easily 60% of U.S. doctors prefer a single-payer system because it will eliminate unneeded billing personnel in their office.
  6. But the insurance industry has its hold on manufacturers, and even eliminating their healthcare costs has not enticed them.
  7. AND the politicians, from both political parties, that share in the insurance profits.
  8. Payments from Medicare are fair, though not as extravagant as some insurers. When I owned my company I provided a mobile echocardiogram service and charged $300 per test. Medicare reimbursed the doctor $400 (a small but acceptable profit), but some insurers paid up to $1800, and for physicians wanting to retire early that was much more acceptable.
  9. That said, Medicare should increase reimbursements by 10% and cover more services, like dental plates.
  10. What’s wrong with “you get sick… you get care… and the caregiver gets paid?” Medicare is already 95% private; let’s give it to everybody. Even if we have to charge the youngsters $200 per month!!!

So here we are, says Ralph Nader: “Over forty years ago, Canada’s single-payer system was enacted with a 13 page bill that covers everyone for less than half of the cost per capita than the U.S.’s waste-ridden, profiteering, corrupt medical-industrial complex that drives honest practitioners up the wall. And, the Canadian system produces better health outcomes at this reduced cost.”

Now wait a minute. It only took 55 government contracts to private corporations to create this failure? Is that what we call “privatization?” I am astounded.

Medicare has been in place for nearly 50 years, and doubling or tripling its personnel would be very doable. And create jobs for the distraught insurance personnel. And allow companies to add jobs. Medicare-for-all is a win-win.

And remember this: the politicians may have screwed up health “insurance,” but the doctors are still there when you need help!

As well, remember that “Medicare Advantage” plans (by G.W. Bush) cost taxpayers 17% more, to offset the insurance profits and CEO salaries and political payola. Perhaps we should allow the youngsters into Medicare if they’d just pay that 17% (are you feeling screwed yet?).

Single payer healthcare should indeed happen. But will our politicians allow it without billions of dollars being first wasted on political fights. This is one of the first solutions to fixing our country.

WTF! And ObamaCare is just the beginning!

November 1, 2013

ObamaCare is the “symptom” of a terrible disease that will destroy America! This nation’s #1 problem is greed at the top, by the 1%. The guys that “own” and pull the strings of our corrupt politicians. In 2014 we must eliminate the corruption … or move to an off-shore island where we can isolate ourselves.

By Jack E. Lohman

This nation has but one problem, and that’s our corrupt political leadership! Congressmen that are beholden to only their own wealth and retirement, and to hell with the citizens of the country for which they have pledged allegiance.

You are free to lick their boots if you wish, but they are picking your pocket while you do. We have 535 little Kings running this country.

This article is not about healthcare, which is a disaster especially since ObamaCare. If we were smart (note *IF*) we’d use our taxes to pay for “health care,” rather than “insurance in case we need it.” We’d pay only when healthcare in needed, and save $400 billion in the process. But the wackos call this “socialized single-payer” and they’d rather send their money to middleman insurance executives, which nearly doubles its costs. And there are other wackos that want to get rich off the demise of the poor.

One of the stupidest things our politicians did under ObamaCare was to penalize employers who had over 50 full time employees. So what did these smart businessmen do? They cut the hours of many of their employees to UNDER 30 HOURS PER WEEK!!!

These are our “intelligent” politicians that did that!!! When we as a country are trying to INCREASE employment; not decrease it. And why? To protect the profits of the health insurance industry, which pays them handsome cash bribes and our nation’s workers DO NOT!

And millions of Americans are faced with the doubling and tripling of costs, which further pads the pockets of the politicians!!!

But this is not just about political cash from the insurance industry. It is about ALL political bribes!!! It is about the crooks running our country and stealing from our kids.

Massive amounts of cash dollars are flowing from the defense industry to our politicians, all to keep our policies tough. And drones firing on foreign land, while we raise our holier-than-thou flag and blow up their kids and mothers.

Massive amounts of cash dollars are flowing from the fracking companies so politicians will pass laws making it easier for these companies to poison our wells.

Massive amounts of cash dollars are flowing from the road builders to politicians to encourage them to spend taxpayer money on building even unneeded roads.

The list goes on. Thousands of expenditures and billions of dollars. Because they CAN. They own the politicians.

Understand that corporations do not want money spent on school teachers or police or other local needs. They want that money spent on special interest projects and tax breaks instead. And if you don’t believe that I have a bridge to sell you!

There are many reforms needed…

But letting the foxes guard the henhouse is not recommended. We need a new crew… a 100% turnover in congress.

Until further notice, I plan…

… to vote ONLY for candidates pledging to pass and support public funding of campaigns,

… that probably does not include Republicans or Democrats,

… and very likely includes independents and 3rd-party candidates.

We must track closely — and even vote against candidates receiving the most dark money!

Fix ObamaCare?

October 25, 2013

There is a fix. Turn the project over to six qualified software programmers for 30 days and it WILL be done!

By Jack E. Lohman

HOWEVER, do we really want to fix a poorly conceived system? Even if it ultimately works, it will be catastrophic!

Do we really want to spend billions of dollars fixing a stupid system that does the wrong thing?

ObamaCare is equivalent to building an expressway between New York City and Los Angeles, but first going through Florida and Seattle. All to satisfy the insurance industry Fat Cats that helped contribute $123 million in campaign cash prior to its passing.

It should not be “fixed,” it should be replaced!!!

With Medicare-for-all!  Single-payer!  Like they have in most other first-world countries!!! And we’d (1) increase jobs, by moving the cost of employee healthcare OFF of employer’s books, and (2) save the country $400 billion in healthcare costs.

Who would pay for it? The same people who are funding healthcare today. All of us. Either through taxes or through increased product prices. But we’d pay ONLY for healthcare and NOT for the insurance middleman, who will go the way of telephone booths.

So, who is standing in the way?

Most assuredly, the politicians on the take. This mutually-corrupt system gets health industry campaign bribes to keep the system broken, because “fixing” it would remove unjustified profits.

Not just corrupt Republicans, but corrupt Democrats too. And even some of our good-government groups, who know that their “cooperation” is expected and “appreciated.” And ideologues that don’t want the government anywhere, not even where their house is burning down.

How to do it?

All the Feds need do is provide the cash, as they do now with Medicare.

Fund the system and then get out of the way. Eliminate the words “65 and older” from the Medicare law, a system that has worked for 50 years. And then leave! Unless they are sick, they cost the system nothing.

Medicare is already 95% private contractors. Private hospitals, clinics and doctors. It’s single-payer with minimal government involvement. And it works!

Open all Medicare regions to bidding from PRIVATE non-profit corporations, with limits on executive salaries of $180K per year (the same as a US Senator) and ban outside income or payments from sub-contract groups or conflicting industries.

The political party that casts aside its stupid objections, and replaces ObamaCare with single payer, will win my vote.

We cannot fix a corrupt system with the politicians who made it corrupt…

October 23, 2013

Today’s political strategy is, maximize the pot of money from the special interests, to the benefit of your campaign and your political party, in the quietest manner possible!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

We are in deep doo-doo unless we start cleaning at the top. And soon.

So politicians, we have reached our limit. We cannot get any more blood from this turnip.

Remember this: “Debt” is caused by “spending,” and spending is caused by “campaign bribes.”

But only to a point, and we have reached it. We cannot any more be drained, because there is no more to drain. And the politicians have shown their colors. They ALL stink.

I am puzzled that those politicians with families are able to sit across the table from them. They are destroying America, yet their greed blocks doing what’s best for them or the country. It certainly tells us something about the character of politicians.

RULE #1 when being a politician: You must like yourself and what you stand for. Do you cave? Does money rule?

The longer we wait the harder it will be…

We must start NOW!

I’m tired of hearing about free phones to poor people, obviously given to BAD lefties. And from the Tea Party wackos on the right, who to hear their story are the only “good” people on earth.

Yes we have greed… and laziness. But the worst is the laziness of voters. Indeed many are frustrated, trying to find a solution while trying to feed their family. And the Fat Cats love the hell out of it. But that is no reason to let them continue picking our pockets.

BOTH political parties have discredited themselves. But they will be back, if we re-elect them.

Stick it to Granny’s kids and save Medicare!

October 18, 2013

For them as well. Medicare needs money, and ObamaCare sucks. We can fix both simultaneously!

By Jack E. Lohman

Charge the “under 65′s” $200 per month and allow them to enroll in Medicare. Medicare gets the extra funding it needs and people get healthcare. What’s not to like about that?

Well, plenty. The health insurance industry is left out of the loop, and with their high profits they pad the pockets of the politicians. So they are not happy either! We, people, are screwed.

What is driving our healthcare policies?

As with everything else, it’s political corruption! Cash dollars from the insurance industry given to fund elections. Politicians LOVE it!

ObamaCare is clearly the stupidest healthcare policy one could ever design, and given time it will implode on its own. It’s like building an expressway from New York to Los Angeles … going through Florida. Or a single person building a 40-story house.

It is stupid, stupid, stupid. Only a corrupt politician could do it (and to get ObamaCare passed, $123 million in campaign bribes changed hands, so we have plenty of corrupt politicians).

As well, our voters have their eye off the ball!

This year — 2014 — we must turn this around. We have gone from a left-right political system to one that’s up-down. That’s 1% v. 99% for those that haven’t noticed.

For the 99% who give no cash dollars to political campaigns, they’ll see assets leave their possession. And for the 1% they’ll see them go to their bank.

How best to re-balance this?

I’ve said this many times before… we must throw the bastards out. Public funding of campaigns, though I’m cautious about tipping the pendulum too far to the left. I’d sure hate to see the 1% find a different country in which to live, though getting them out of the country may be well worth it. (Ha!)

But by and large, I think if we got the politicians off the payroll of the 1%, they’d keep it balanced. We MUST make dark money look DIRTY (!!!) and throwing the current bastards out is a good start.

And the economy too. We may have to move toward an import tariff. Nonconflicted Pols would weigh the benefits, while zero weighing is being done at the moment. The pendulum has swung to the far right, and we must bring it back to the center.

If the Republicans were smart they’d sit back and watch ObamaCare implode on its own. If the Dems were smart they’d repeal it and let the under-30′s sign into Medicare. But don’t you worry… neither of them are.

Can we eliminate the pendulum?

October 11, 2013

No, politicians won’t like it a bit, but the voters and taxpayers would… a lot!

By Jack E. Lohman

Okay, put your “honesty” cap on for just a moment. Rather than the swing from the far Right to the far Left, or the reverse…

Would we be better off with…

A) Bigger government, where bureaucrats build unnecessary government regulations that grow their position and pensions at taxpayer expense, or the federal employee called before congress because he was cheating the government by claiming he was a CIA undercover cop, and his take-home pay exceeded $1 million, or

B) Privatization, where Fat Cats get fatter subcontracting their companies to the government? And giving kickbacks to the corrupt politicians that made it all happen.

I prefer the second, but…

ONLY IF (!!) we can create a true non-profit corporate structure where the executives are limited in salary to $180K (the same as a federal senator) … AND are controlled by an independent 9-member oversight committee (an absolute MUST) rather than a conflicted Board of Directors and large shareholders!!!

Except for vital services, like police and fire departments. And employees and CEOs are prohibited from giving campaign cash to politicians, or themselves accepting cash from the outside (Second jobs are okay, with oversight committee permission).

Shareholders are OUT because of no profits, and all income is from government.

AND political corruption is out!!! But “clean” free-market capitalism is good!

No, politicians won’t like it!

Because converting from government entities to privatized companies has, in the past, been VERY profitable to politicians in office, because they get a piece of the action, don’cha know?

Nor will the unions.

Because like politicians, they like bloat!

Sorry lefties, but the unions are part of the problem. They want to grow membership, and bloated government departments or school unions are part of the game. More “members” means more dues and higher salaries for the bosses, and money turns us all on.

But it CAN be fixed…

Though it will take a concerted effort by the voters. By voting OUT all incumbents!!!

Surely there are a handful of good politicians, and the public knows who they are. But you MUST vote against MOST incumbents in 2014. *OR* live with it for another two years.


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