Wisconsin and bankruptcy… is it possible here?

August 9, 2013

Damned right it is, and probable too. And it will be funded by the taxpayers and (in part) state employee pension plans.

By Jack E. Lohman

It’s simple how it works.

Special interests give cash bribes to politicians, who in turn cause excess spending on their privatized projects, for which they’ve received a corporate or lobbyist campaign kickback, which drives state spending higher than resources.

Outgo is greater than income which together equals debt, eliminated (or mitigated) by declaring bankruptcy. Which in turn gets paid down by reducing earned public sector pension plans and increasing taxes on everybody else (except perhaps the Fat Cats who get special tax subsidies and write-offs).

Detroit was the first but won’t be the last. Especially as other politicians see the state and federal bailouts that are sure to result, and they also want an easy way out.

Get this: Detroit was building a $400 million stadium while they were simultaneously going bankrupt! Smart? Or corrupt?

Don’t get me wrong on this. I am as much against unions ripping off the taxpayers, which they do by needlessly driving up public-sector hiring and “bargaining” for higher pensions, all for $300K salaries for their union bosses.

BOTH are bad and BOTH result from personal greed and illegal corporate or union payola, and BOTH result from buying off our trusted politicians. (At least, those that can be bought, which is 95% of them.)

Repeat: It doesn’t matter what the issue — the campaign contributions to politicians by big oil companies, by Monsanto of GMO and bee-killing fame, by the private prison industry and security guard unions, for overly strong drug laws, by the defense industry and drone manufacturers, or the bankers or health care, or whatever industry of the day — political corruption at the top is this nation’s BIGGEST threat.

IT is the big fire… all others are pure and intentional distractions. WE taxpayers will all pay dearly, or our kids will, Lefties and Righties alike. ONLY public funding of campaigns will save our democracy and avoid a bloody rebellion, of which Obama and the Feds are already planning. And ONLY a near-100% turnover in 2014 will save us. Whether R or D, we need new blood, and we need constant turnover, and political leaders that are owned by US rather than THEM.

But we have to quit being sheep/lemmings, and drinking their Kool-Aide. We voters must get smart.

Do you know any politicians who are hurting for cash, like the rest of us? They likely don’t exist because we have such a thing as “payola” and “insider trading” at the political level.

AND… get this… the R’s will not let up on Obama’s failure to fix the country, but they continually refuse to mention that THEY control the House and refuse to pass any of his bills to do so! And our corrupt media knows, but refuses to communicate the truth because they get campaign cash filtered down via political ads! They ALSO like the system broken, and will do nothing to fix it.

Send a message! VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT! Only a near-100% political turnover in 2014 will give us what we need: Public funding of campaigns, and at 10% of what private funding of campaigns is now costing us in higher taxes, that’s a bargain!

Yes Healthcare can be fixed…

July 27, 2013

But Scott, will the insurance industry permit it?

By Jack E. Lohman

Absolutely, ObamaCare is terrible, and it will implode on its own.

But that is zero reason for Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker to continue with his head in his wallet. His 12 highest contributors from the insurance industry were from other states, and paid his campaign over $1 million dollars out of his $39 million total. But what the hell, he’s all we have (for the moment).

IF Walker were smart he’d implement a single-payer system by expanding BadgerCare to 100% of Wisconsin’s people, and move our “jobs” program to first in the nation (from 35th or so, as it is now). Businesses would relocate to the “healthcare” state and more jobs would be created.

But that would replace the insurance profits, and $1 million in cash to Governor Walker would not have been received. Or received in the future. And he’d lose a lot of Karl Rove and ALEC support, who both receive funding from the industry.

Isn’t Walker great?

Understand this…

  1. YES the taxpayers would pick up the healthcare bill.
  2. And YES, the taxpayers are CURRENTLY picking up the bill, both in lost jobs and increased product prices.

*PLUS* the 20% extra that is needed to compensate the insurance industry and lobbyists.

And if congress were smart they’d allow people to sign into the Medicare plan. Just take the current plan and remove the words “65 years and older! And we would SAVE billions of dollars compared to ObamaCare.”

Egypt? Now THAT is democracy!!!

July 5, 2013

Let’s hope our military has the balls to throw out “our” corrupt politicians! The D’s are sleeping with one set of crooks and the R’s with another, all while their political friends gut America.

by Jack E. Lohman

Sorry, Mr. Obama is part of the problem. At least he must stand for re-election. And all of congress must stand for re-election. New candidates, different rules.

Yes, Obama and congressional incumbents may run, again, and some may be re-elected. But only the good ones, which are few.

I am, admittedly, bothered by some aspects of this. What if “changing of the guard” becomes a habit? What if our election renders a 55% win and the other 45% immediately demonstrate?

A reliable public opinion poll must be created a year after every election, asking, “How is government performing? Should new elections be held?”

Call it “Refreshing America!”

Campaigns must be publicly funded. No private cash. Narrow the candidate field to four with primaries… up the funding for the general election… implement ranked-choice and none-of-the-above voting.

Licensed media lose their license if they run political ads outside of the public system within 60 days prior to the election. They should be able to agitate and report on bad politicians and policies, but Fat Cat (bribery) control of the elections must be stopped.

The Supreme Court?

Yes, and the Constitution too, where necessary. The constitution was written by some very intelligent Americans, but they weren’t perfect. Their experiences 200+ years ago have been totally distorted by the greed of moneyed interests now driving our country. It is time to tweak the rules, and every 100 years thereafter, if decided by the citizens.

Our problems in the US are massive, and the fixes equally massive. Because we’ve been too trusting in the past. But we either work hard now or face a bloody rebellion where some of our loved ones give their lives.

Our patent law is a political game that the public is losing!

June 21, 2013

As a patent holder myself, it took me a while to realize the rules, and why they exist. Unknowingly, political corruption worked in my favor!

By Jack E. Lohman

First, understand the winners:

Lawyers LOVE the system. They bill the company $500-$1000 per hour to make it all work.

Big companies LOVE the system, because they essentially own the market after paying their dues. And they lock out little companies.

Politicians LOVE the system, because part of those dues are kicked back to them (in the form of campaign bribes).

That the companies want the process to drag out says a lot, because any infringement penalties start from Day One. So if 10 years are consumed getting the final approval, it’s a 27 year patent instead of 17 years.

You guessed it; this is a big company against little company ploy, with the little company being less able to afford a legal defense in the event of a frivolous claim.

And is it any surprise that the politicians get a piece of the action??? They are in on the ploy and are given campaign bribes to keep it going!

Look at the pharmaceutical industry!!!

First, the drug company goes to their favorite politician with some wild claim, that they can cure this or that if the Feds would just give them a grant to develop their drug. And their favored politician gets them taxpayer money, and they develop said drug.

THEN the government issues THE COMPANY the patent on the drug developed with taxpayers funds, and they go to market and SCREW the taxpayers that paid the bill!

That the Vioxx product was developed with 9 of the 15 panelists that approved it being on the company’s payroll as consultants is not the (major) crime… it’s that our politicians refuse to block such conflicts of interest!!! (All for a piece of the action, mind you.)

Patenting genes?

No, the Supreme Court just ruled against such patents, and properly so. “Genes” are pre-existing technology. Unpatentable!

It’s a nice system, thanks to the laws the politicians got bribes to pass. Sound like political crooks? Yea, eliminate the campaign bribes and reasonableness will set in.

Thank God for political corruption!!!

June 14, 2013

Did *I* say that?

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, I’m a gun supporter, though I also support many of the anti-gun proposals, like expanded and rigorous background checks. And fixing the system so only good guys can get guns.

But I fear that, given the chance, some on the anti-gun side could carry this whole issue too far, though I don’t believe that we’d ever ban guns from the home. Especially since the NRA owns our politicians. (And frankly, neither would the public support a total ban.)

Importantly, this whole issue is controlled by the gun industry and its campaign cash, rather than the people, and there I object. The senators should have followed the advice of their constituents, as much as I or my gun friends may have disagreed.

That said, this is a “little fire!”

It is the effect, not the cause. This senate battle is a small piece of this nation’s puzzle. Our politicians should vote for what’s in the best interest of the nation, not their wallet. But that is not what they did.

Problem is, we voters do NOT hold their feet to the fire, so why should they worry? We voters are distracted to taking care of our families, and ourselves, and are NOT watching our backs.

And our politicians love that, because they are then free to pass laws that benefit their contributors.

Corruption at the top…

No corporation, and no government, could survive a constant yet escalating dipping into the assets. But these ripoff artists will pocket what they can, and then try to move to a country that will respect their cash. WE (as the ones being ripped off) will ultimately be pleased with the outcome (IF we live long enough).

Because one of several outcomes will occur. Either the pirates will get them, or even their own security detail will become corrupt. Or the local politicians will become greedy crooks, if they aren’t already, and declare that their money was illegally obtained and must be turned over to the government. Either way they will not die happy people.

I am so sad for them…  :-)

But OUR problem is…

We keep re-electing the politicians on the belief that they will protect US from THEM! Or we believe in their party, whether Democrat or Republican.  “WE” are not real bright.

What really matters is “who funds their campaign?” And it is almost NEVER the voters.

Our media heroes, crying all the way to the bank.

June 7, 2013

And these propagandists just don’t want to “get it!”

By Jack E. Lohman

A large percentage of the campaign bribes filter down to the Main Stream Media in terms of TV ads, and yes, Bill O’Reilly receives much of it.

So guys, I understand. You benefit financially from a broken political system and to fix it would shut off major funding. Greed is funny that way.

I blame the voters, however, some of whom are contributors but most of whom are simply trying to keep food on the table. And they drink the Kool-Aide of our “esteemed politicians,” as they call themselves.

No, the Fox News guy should not have been politically targeted. But I also do not agree that journalists should automatically be given a halo and the freedom to do what they want. I’d rather that in this case we appoint an independent council.

But that said, WHY does the media deserve ANY expanded protections when they are part of the problem? Do we give terrorists the same when they call themselves “reporters” or work for Al Jazeera?

And this thing with the IRS dancing lessons?

Yes, I am sure there are private employees that actually NEED “diversion” lessons. But a government entity? At government wages? At taxpayer expense?

Give me a friggin’ break! This is a clear sign of incompetent management at the top. All because they have no oversight! Who was the highest level employee that approved this???

There are other stupid examples. And this disclosure is clearly prompted by the Republicans who are disjointed as hell, and very upset that they have lost the public trust. And they refuse to admit that this (and others) likely went on under Republican presidents as well.

But 2014 is almost upon us and they have to act fast.

So we have the media…

… choosing to make a big deal over this, and they should. BUT they also choose to totally ignore what is really killing the rest of the country, the political payola! (And theirs too, incidentally.)

Our politicians are close behind those in Mexico, and they have our Supreme Court behind them.

We need a whistle blower in every government division AND a totally independent and privatized oversight group, staffed by do-gooders who are appointed by ONLY the state legislators!

If I were Jamie Dimon or George Soros…

May 31, 2013

I’d spend my excess cash on the politicians who write the rules and the voters who drink the Kool-Aide!

By Jack E. Lohman

Yea, I’d spend plenty of money on “educating” the dumbo voters to my way of thinking. Those poor suckers who unknowingly are paying the bill and don’t realize it. But I’d ensure that whatever happens, I’d get a big piece of the action.

And I’d hope the voters don’t get smart!

“Only two things cause war; greed and religion.” And I’d add hunger to that, of which we are heading fast.

All are bad… the Fat Cat CEOs who will do anything to keep their $50 million salaries, even screw the public. Think “bankers.” And the union bosses who may make only $400k, but want more members to pay dues. That side of the crony-market is not very pretty.

But I blame mostly our trusted politicians, who supposedly represent the people but play them for fools. BOTH Democrat and Republicans alike. Congressmen who supposedly hold their morals high but are the first to roll over. Or pass laws that look good but have loopholes that they can benefit from.

And I’d look for voters who think 100% of their side are good people and 100% of the other side are bad.

Because THEY are the most easily fooled, and it is they and the other side who are funding our demise. Both in terms of cash dollars and political votes. And they are gullible and don’t have the time to find the truth.

OR they are fighting the little fires that — though a win would be great — will never be fixed as long as campaign bribes is driving its outcome.

But 2014 can be different.

We must — absolutely MUST — force a near-100% turnover, both at the state and federal level.

Obviously we have good guys, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warner, and they could be reelected without spending a dime. But then we have Max Baucus and Jim DeMint who saw the handwriting on the wall and resigned, and the public will be better off because of it. Now we await Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid’s retirement papers.

WE voters can force this turnover!

By supporting NEW candidates at both the state and federal level. And they must promise only one thing: political reform. Public funding of campaigns. Government benefits equal to private industry.

And if they get voted in and don’t keep their promise, they get voted out!

We have tons of politicians that already fit that category.


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