Okay Mr. Bill O’Reilly, how do we fix it?

Blowhards wouldn’t be bad if they put their brains in gear first!

By Jack E. Lohman

Our problem is clearly political corruption. We have moneyed interests on both sides of all issues. The defense industry versus the peaceniks. The fracking and oil companies versus the environmentalists. The insurance companies versus the patients. The road contractors versus the taxpayers. And the list goes on.

Obviously the corporations have the biggest pot of money, and thereby lies the problem. Our country is bowing to the wrong master. Politicians are attracted to big money. It is those with money, versus those without. It is not really a left versus right issue, it is cash versus no cash. It is the fight for Big Bucks… NOT for good management!

It is a concentration of cash, not of voters or citizens. And our politicians LOVE it.

The crime is what it is doing to our country.

So Mr. O’Reilly, YES! ObamaCare is bad and should be repealed. As I’ve said before, it’s like building an expressway between New York and Los Angeles… going first through Florida and then Seattle.

BUT (!!) that’s what the $123 million in campaign bribes to the senators was intended to accomplish, and it DID!!! It sought corrupt politicians, and found them!

WHY did you not report this on your TV program? Could it be that a large portion of the bribes filter down to the media in political campaign ads???

We have crooks and criminals, Bill, and you are enabling them!

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