Senator Ron Johnson starts the healthcare ball rolling. Could it work?

No, he’s not there yet. But he IS concerned and he could start the fix in motion with a bipartisan push.

By Jack E. Lohman

I have purposely kept my distance from ObamaCare, because it sucks and I see it imploding on its own. And the Republicans have seen it too, judging by the repetitious opposition they’ve shown. Now even Democrats have joined them.

But most of their opposition is politically motivated, and I’d feel better if the politicians truly believed in doing the right thing for America.

Think about this…

  1. Our Big Three automakers now manufacture more cars in Canada because their healthcare costs are $800 per employee per year there versus $8000 per year here. (And we wonder why Detroit went bankrupt?)
  2. The cost of health care in Canada is 10% of GDP, versus 17.5% in the US. (and Canada could totally eliminate its wait times by increasing their costs to 12%.)
  3. It is well known that a single-payer Medicare-for-all system, like Canada’s, would extend health care to 100% of Americans and SAVE the country $400 billion per year in healthcare costs! (And eliminating the uninsured and Medicaid totally!)
  4. We’d pay for it differently, through taxes as opposed to higher product prices and unemployment.
  5. Easily 60% of U.S. doctors prefer a single-payer system because it will eliminate unneeded billing personnel in their office.
  6. But the insurance industry has its hold on manufacturers, and even eliminating their healthcare costs has not enticed them.
  7. AND the politicians, from both political parties, that share in the insurance profits.
  8. Payments from Medicare are fair, though not as extravagant as some insurers. When I owned my company I provided a mobile echocardiogram service and charged $300 per test. Medicare reimbursed the doctor $400 (a small but acceptable profit), but some insurers paid up to $1800, and for physicians wanting to retire early that was much more acceptable.
  9. That said, Medicare should increase reimbursements by 10% and cover more services, like dental plates.
  10. What’s wrong with “you get sick… you get care… and the caregiver gets paid?” Medicare is already 95% private; let’s give it to everybody. Even if we have to charge the youngsters $200 per month!!!

So here we are, says Ralph Nader: “Over forty years ago, Canada’s single-payer system was enacted with a 13 page bill that covers everyone for less than half of the cost per capita than the U.S.’s waste-ridden, profiteering, corrupt medical-industrial complex that drives honest practitioners up the wall. And, the Canadian system produces better health outcomes at this reduced cost.”

Now wait a minute. It only took 55 government contracts to private corporations to create this failure? Is that what we call “privatization?” I am astounded.

Medicare has been in place for nearly 50 years, and doubling or tripling its personnel would be very doable. And create jobs for the distraught insurance personnel. And allow companies to add jobs. Medicare-for-all is a win-win.

And remember this: the politicians may have screwed up health “insurance,” but the doctors are still there when you need help!

As well, remember that “Medicare Advantage” plans (by G.W. Bush) cost taxpayers 17% more, to offset the insurance profits and CEO salaries and political payola. Perhaps we should allow the youngsters into Medicare if they’d just pay that 17% (are you feeling screwed yet?).

Single payer healthcare should indeed happen. But will our politicians allow it without billions of dollars being first wasted on political fights. This is one of the first solutions to fixing our country.

10 Responses to Senator Ron Johnson starts the healthcare ball rolling. Could it work?

  1. Geraldo Rivera
    November 1, 2013

    “You know, it’s great that people get health care. I want everyone to have health care. I want single payer. I want Medicare for everybody. I want it to be like Sweden. I want it to be like the United Kingdom or Canada. I want everyone to have health care. This program (Obamacare), though, is deeply flawed, and I think part of the problem is we let the insurance industry write the legislation, and when the insurance industry, like they did for the prescription plan, Part B (D), when they write the legislation, they stack the deck so they’re the beneficiaries.

    Geraldo Rivera Radio, 11/1/2013 – at the 48:55 mark:

  2. Jack, do you really believe Sen Johnson would support Single-Payer because it makes sense?
    Jack, I think your dreaming.
    When was the last time the GOP supported a program that would save America’s Gross Domestic Product costs by about 9% and make us more competitive in the world’s markets, thus helping our unemployment problem?
    When did they last support a program that would help people become healthier?
    The GOP just cut support for food for the needy. How will this cut help people be healthy?
    Jack, the Ron Johnson’s of politics, only support the most greedy people in history and their narrow selfish desires. These people no longer think about what is the greater good for prople and our country. They always come first supported by a big cast of paid off politicians.

  3. Could happen, Eugene, if he saw that a “Republican” solution would hurt the dems. And gee, are you saying that ONLY dems are good people? I don’t trust either one of them.

  4. Bob Dohnal says:

    Jack, you begged for socialist healthcare, you have it.

  5. jerry person says:

    Privitization always cost ten times as much.

  6. sandman54862 says:

    Ron Johnson is a idiot koch addcict. He does as programda.

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