Fix ObamaCare?

There is a fix. Turn the project over to six qualified software programmers for 30 days and it WILL be done!

By Jack E. Lohman

HOWEVER, do we really want to fix a poorly conceived system? Even if it ultimately works, it will be catastrophic!

Do we really want to spend billions of dollars fixing a stupid system that does the wrong thing?

ObamaCare is equivalent to building an expressway between New York City and Los Angeles, but first going through Florida and Seattle. All to satisfy the insurance industry Fat Cats that helped contribute $123 million in campaign cash prior to its passing.

It should not be “fixed,” it should be replaced!!!

With Medicare-for-all!  Single-payer!  Like they have in most other first-world countries!!! And we’d (1) increase jobs, by moving the cost of employee healthcare OFF of employer’s books, and (2) save the country $400 billion in healthcare costs.

Who would pay for it? The same people who are funding healthcare today. All of us. Either through taxes or through increased product prices. But we’d pay ONLY for healthcare and NOT for the insurance middleman, who will go the way of telephone booths.

So, who is standing in the way?

Most assuredly, the politicians on the take. This mutually-corrupt system gets health industry campaign bribes to keep the system broken, because “fixing” it would remove unjustified profits.

Not just corrupt Republicans, but corrupt Democrats too. And even some of our good-government groups, who know that their “cooperation” is expected and “appreciated.” And ideologues that don’t want the government anywhere, not even where their house is burning down.

How to do it?

All the Feds need do is provide the cash, as they do now with Medicare.

Fund the system and then get out of the way. Eliminate the words “65 and older” from the Medicare law, a system that has worked for 50 years. And then leave! Unless they are sick, they cost the system nothing.

Medicare is already 95% private contractors. Private hospitals, clinics and doctors. It’s single-payer with minimal government involvement. And it works!

Open all Medicare regions to bidding from PRIVATE non-profit corporations, with limits on executive salaries of $180K per year (the same as a US Senator) and ban outside income or payments from sub-contract groups or conflicting industries.

The political party that casts aside its stupid objections, and replaces ObamaCare with single payer, will win my vote.

7 Responses to Fix ObamaCare?

  1. HarryS says:

    EXCEPT with Medicare “Advantage” plans, which cost taxpayers even when not used. But it is still less costly.

  2. Jack, You are not alone in making the point that expanding Medicare To All, would have saved most of the PPACA development money and implementation money.
    Even ER’s (Extreme Righties) are beginning to say this.
    - One of the best points coming out of the software problems and the subsequent delay problems, is the general awareness of the number of people and families who do not have coverage and the vast needs for coverage, so providers can get paid in reasonable time.
    – Especially the hospitals who ER’s perform heroically to take care of sore throats and over weight people who fell, spraining an already over burdened ankle. . . . .
    But Jack 6 programmers in one month is a gross underestimation. There are to many facts that must be confirmed like legal name, job history, birth dates etc, thru IRS & Social Security and all the paranoid levels of security.
    – I’m going through the process by helping a 29 year old who has very limited job history and not capable of holding a job, who has been supported by his family. It’s not easy. One of the problems is people truly not able to hold a job who are on the very long SSI waiting list. This area alone is the single biggest headache, of at least Gwen Moore’s office as confirmed.
    - This is causing a problem because the question comes up – “is a person capable of holding a job or not and should they be covered by an employer”.
    Jack, go help some people and find out how correct you are, first hand, how much easier and less expensive it would be to simply expand Medicare.
    Great posting

    • Thanks Eugene. Indeed we are on the same page, but it is my guess that neither of us even came close to giving the $123 million in campaign dollars that it cost the health industries to keep single-payer off the table. So we don’t count.

      That said,

      a) you are likely correct. My estimate of 6 programmers needing 30 days to fix the system was clearly off the cuff. But I’ve built websites and I’m guessing I’m not far off.

      b) As well, they had FOUR honchos from FOUR PRIVATE COMPANIES testifying as to why they could not get the system running on time. Four companies? Private companies??? I didn’t think Democrats believed in privatization!

      c) But YES! Medicare-for-all!!! Already designed and working for 50 years! Add more temporary people to handle the increased load, but start enrolling this afternoon.

  3. Phoenixmarguerite Turner says:

    totally agree medicare for all including the politicians and their families

  4. Justin M says:

    Lohman is right about the govt. not being able to corrupt itself (with campaign cash). And THANK GOD FOR THAT! The problem then is HOW TO REMOVE THE CAMPAIGN CASH that is turning our constitutional republic into a corporate-controlled Fascist State. Here are the 3 crucial steps;

    1) Elect Democrats to Restore a Democratic Supermajority in Both Houses of Congress (and Keep the White House Democratic)


    3)Demand a CAMPAIGN FINANCE BILL eliminating private campaign donations in favor of publicly-financed campaigns.

    Getting CAMPAIGN CASH OUT OF POLITICS is the only way to SAVE OUR NATION AS WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IT (or as it was designed to function).

    “Some people say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”
    John Lennon

    • Absolutely, Justin, though we should not let the D’s off too easily. Both have had their chance and both have failed. There is this natural phenomenon of “bringing home the bacon” and both sides have been as guilty. Cash is king. No one wants to fix a system that feeds them… well.

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