We cannot fix a corrupt system with the politicians who made it corrupt…

Today’s political strategy is, maximize the pot of money from the special interests, to the benefit of your campaign and your political party, in the quietest manner possible!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

We are in deep doo-doo unless we start cleaning at the top. And soon.

So politicians, we have reached our limit. We cannot get any more blood from this turnip.

Remember this: “Debt” is caused by “spending,” and spending is caused by “campaign bribes.”

But only to a point, and we have reached it. We cannot any more be drained, because there is no more to drain. And the politicians have shown their colors. They ALL stink.

I am puzzled that those politicians with families are able to sit across the table from them. They are destroying America, yet their greed blocks doing what’s best for them or the country. It certainly tells us something about the character of politicians.

RULE #1 when being a politician: You must like yourself and what you stand for. Do you cave? Does money rule?

The longer we wait the harder it will be…

We must start NOW!

I’m tired of hearing about free phones to poor people, obviously given to BAD lefties. And from the Tea Party wackos on the right, who to hear their story are the only “good” people on earth.

Yes we have greed… and laziness. But the worst is the laziness of voters. Indeed many are frustrated, trying to find a solution while trying to feed their family. And the Fat Cats love the hell out of it. But that is no reason to let them continue picking our pockets.

BOTH political parties have discredited themselves. But they will be back, if we re-elect them.

4 Responses to We cannot fix a corrupt system with the politicians who made it corrupt…

  1. Jack, The poor people who are getting the free phones, paid for by the pennies added to cell phone bills paid by the same people who make the poor people poor.
    We must have living wages and a shorter work week to increase job slots.
    - I suggest 4 nine (9) hour days, flex time, 36 hours per week.

  2. I could certainly agree to the 36 hours a week, Eugene, but understand the point I’m making. WHO in the hell needs six cell phones? At MY (and your) expense? We cannot offload the blame that should be attached to the Fat Cats. We cannot undermine the word “fair” or make excuses for poor behavior.

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