Can we eliminate the pendulum?

No, politicians won’t like it a bit, but the voters and taxpayers would… a lot!

By Jack E. Lohman

Okay, put your “honesty” cap on for just a moment. Rather than the swing from the far Right to the far Left, or the reverse…

Would we be better off with…

A) Bigger government, where bureaucrats build unnecessary government regulations that grow their position and pensions at taxpayer expense, or the federal employee called before congress because he was cheating the government by claiming he was a CIA undercover cop, and his take-home pay exceeded $1 million, or

B) Privatization, where Fat Cats get fatter subcontracting their companies to the government? And giving kickbacks to the corrupt politicians that made it all happen.

I prefer the second, but…

ONLY IF (!!) we can create a true non-profit corporate structure where the executives are limited in salary to $180K (the same as a federal senator) … AND are controlled by an independent 9-member oversight committee (an absolute MUST) rather than a conflicted Board of Directors and large shareholders!!!

Except for vital services, like police and fire departments. And employees and CEOs are prohibited from giving campaign cash to politicians, or themselves accepting cash from the outside (Second jobs are okay, with oversight committee permission).

Shareholders are OUT because of no profits, and all income is from government.

AND political corruption is out!!! But “clean” free-market capitalism is good!

No, politicians won’t like it!

Because converting from government entities to privatized companies has, in the past, been VERY profitable to politicians in office, because they get a piece of the action, don’cha know?

Nor will the unions.

Because like politicians, they like bloat!

Sorry lefties, but the unions are part of the problem. They want to grow membership, and bloated government departments or school unions are part of the game. More “members” means more dues and higher salaries for the bosses, and money turns us all on.

But it CAN be fixed…

Though it will take a concerted effort by the voters. By voting OUT all incumbents!!!

Surely there are a handful of good politicians, and the public knows who they are. But you MUST vote against MOST incumbents in 2014. *OR* live with it for another two years.

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