John Gotti for President!!!

Or any other crook. Would it be any different? At least then we’d know who was really running our government!

By Jack E. Lohman

We have a corrupt political system. But worse, we have voters who just don’t see it or understand how to correct it. They are led like donkeys on leashes, and today’s politicians like that just fine.

I have friends on both sides… Republicans and Democrats alike… liberals, conservatives, libertarians and Tea Partiers.

But ALL are dense. They ALL (or most!!!) look past the cash flow as though it is not driving policy.

They are wrong. By a factor of 100%, cash bribes work!!!

Fact: You cannot run an honest government (or corporation) with crooks at the top. UNLESS you have lazy voters (or shareholders) that permit it, and fawn over their politician’s every word.

Which we seem to have.

We have serious problems that MUST be fixed… BEFORE they lead us to an Egypt-style rebellion and military takeover of our government. (Now, Egypt needs new elections with Morsi and Mubarak on the ballot. These people deserve a leader of their choice, not ours.)

YES our president and congress and supreme court will be ousted in a military takeover, but that is not the way to run a stable country. A logical transition created by the voters is the way to go. But will we do it?

The two parties are corrupt, and an honest coalition on the Left and Right is needed. The Tea Party seems to have the (far) Right sewed up, but the Left appears to be floundering. At least here in Wisconsin I’d hope that the Progressive Democrats of America and Wisconsin Now and other progressive groups come together.

“Reason obeys itself; and ignorance does whatever is dictated to it.” — Thomas Paine

2 Responses to John Gotti for President!!!

  1. jimmueller says:

    Let us declare that we have the Civil Right to Representation of our Choice and eliminate winner takes all [elections] by going to direct representation elections. Honest people could run, obtain votes and represent their voters without the need for corporate special interest money. Jim Mueller 608.333.4589

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    • I agree, Jim, but remember: anything that “works” doesn’t stand a chance in hell of becoming law. This state desperately needs a turnover of politicians in 2014. I have vowed to vote anti-incumbent in all races.

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