Governor, a new form of government, please!

Just like the old form, but without the corrupt politicians. New York is doing it and Wisconsin must as well.

By Jack E. Lohman

Sorry Gov. Walker, I know privatization increases campaign cash, because privates can give money and publics can’t. But it adds 20% (and ultimately 50%) to our costs and causes stupid and costly spending decisions by our political leaders.

Yes, more mining “could” be in the best interest of the state, but I’d rather that decision be made by politicians NOT getting a piece of the action. I don’t know — and you don’t either, Governor — if mining causes environmental problems for future generations. Non-biased politicians would find out before passing laws.

But corruption and political redistricting (illegal redistribution of votes) will likely work to Walker’s advantage. Picking the voters to keep them re-elected has (thus far) worked.

Our voters are incredibly detached

We voters allow the current ripoff of taxpayers. We drink the Kool-Aide and then vote the old bastards back in. We are gullible and lazy and spend our time running our homes, which we should be doing. But we totally trust the Pols to do their job and we shouldn’t.

Yes, our government bureaucrats are incredibly inefficient, and private industry competing will keep them on their toes. But eventually private companies will do what private companies do best, rip off taxpayers. Fraud and overbilling will run rampant. Bloat will be common. And politicians will continue getting a piece of the action, because that’s also what they do best.

ONLY public funding of campaigns will work. If anybody is to pay for our politicians election it should be the people who elect them. But it depends on what image Walker wants to present to the people, and whether Wisconsin is to be one of the leaders!

21 Responses to Governor, a new form of government, please!

  1. Bob Dohnal says:

    Democracy is really a bitch. Should we have the Ill. guys make the decision?
    “Democracy is the worst possible form of government that could be devised, just better than the rest”.

  2. Unfortunately, our so-called “democracy” exists only for those willing to give our politicians BRIBES at the expense of all others. How do you justify that Bob? Does your employer permit employees to take payola and give away corporate assets in return? Our government does…

    • Bob Dohnal says:

      I have been asking the unions that for years. No one has come up with a plan that works. No one will spend 1 billion dollars for obama to run negative ads and since this is a free country he run what ever he wants. Freedom has it struggles. Get out and work to get out out like I have.
      You have been beating that silly drum for years and have no one else in rhythm with you.

      • I’d rather that we taxpayers fund the $1 billion dollars for electoral costs than the $100 billion in government paybacks that result. But you are right: the media does not support public funding of campaigns because easily 60% of the graft filters down to their pocketbook. ONLY a 100% turnover in congress will suffice, and a smarter group of voters that realize the true costs of corruption.

  3. Keith says:

    I’d love to live in a Democracy, Bob. You Know, a country where we are represented by citizen representatives who care about the folks who elected them. For Example, the NRA owns the congress and has paid an average of only $2,000 per politician buy them.. (they have paid millions in hate and fear ads against anyone who might do anything regarding gun registration or restrictions). Watch the Dems, the NRA owns enough of them to stop any sensible gun control legislation.

    Murdering innocent Children is not enough of a wake up call for these low life congressmen and senators, they will still support the NRA!

  4. Thanks Keith. I’m in the half that supports the 2nd Amendment but I saw nothing in the Dems safety proposals that was threatening. Except that BOTH parties will use this as a divide, and the cash to politicians will keep the fire burning. Problem is, our voters do not comprehend the effects of the bribes… not on this issue but all others that are trashing our democracy in favor of the Fat Cats that are funding the corrupt politicians.

    • Keith says:

      The problem with the gun issue is the NRA has all the money. It doesn’t seem that the money to be made by restricting assault weapons etc. This has nothing to do wit the 2nd amendment. The reason that the gun issue is such a good illustration of corruption is because it is so lopsided.

      • I don’t think so, Keith. I am not an NRA supporter, but this issue resonates with a lot of people. “Some day” the fact that the “people” have guns is going to save this nation. The NRA itself is not on the list of top donors.

      • Keith says:

        It is ok to have guns. that’s the 2nd amendment. The NRA’s sole purposes is to support and encourage the sale of firearms and ammunition. thus, the fear mongering. We disagree on this one.

  5. Bob Dohnal says:

    keith and Jack, your arguments wore out years ago.. spare me.

  6. Bob Dohnal says:

    You might want to have the state furnish the ten billion or so spent last year, but the people will never vote for it. They have had state controlled and financed elections for years in Russia, China and another 100 countries. How has that worked out?

    • The US is 24th on the International Corruption Index. Not 1st, as you and I would expect. And hope for. And China??? Let’s see, how much do we owe them?

      Look, no one condones their communism, but that does not mean that our political corruption is acceptable. We are $16 Trillion in debt because of it. How are you liking it so far?

      And yes, the Lefties are as much at fault as the Righties, but in both cases, money talks!

      • Bob Dohnal says:

        Whoever said that it was acceptable? The dems voted against it cause they wanted union money and the GOP the same. What you do is what I, and you, have done for 50 years, expose it. I have done that repeatedly and still wonder why I have my scalp.

      • One of these days the voters will get smart, but until then they remain incredibly dense. Both R’s and D’s. This country cannot survive with the politicians picking our pockets. And though I voted for your favorite senator, Ron Johnson, he is no better than the rest of them. And will not be until we have a clean political system.

    • And incidentally, Bob, in 2000 the state had a voter referendum on public funding of campaigns and it WAS voted on and WON with 90% acceptance. But the politicians stuffed it with a poison pill and the courts disqualified it after the election. How’s that for democracy?

      • Bob Dohnal says:

        Jack, save us all of this. Go get 500,000 signatures on a petition to do it and maybe it might happen otherwise it is hard to sell something to someone knowing full well they would vote against it cause if they didn’t get any money the 527′s would bury them.
        You cna’t outlaw free speech as much as you might want to do so.

      • We had the signatures in 2000, but the politicians had the smarts. It is going to take a group of well-respected dudes from both parties to say “enough is enough, we don’t want our country trashed.” Know anybody in that category?

      • And incidentally Bob, I know you are far right on this but you should know that I am well aware of the leakers on the Left that let nothing stand in their way of ripping off government. But they exist on the Right as well. How do we bring the good out of both sides, and save the downward trend?

      • Bob Dohnal says:

        No, I am realistic. It sounded great t first before 527′s and i was for it years ago but things have changed. How do you fight it? Watch your local Rep and work with them all the time. From the bottom up.

      • I don’t buy that. We can’t throw in the towel. We can’t let the monied interests win, and the last person I’d expect to protect me over his own pocketbook is my local rep.

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