Increase wages?

April 13, 2014

Yea eventually.  But FIRST let’s eliminate the political payola and the greedy politician-crooks that created our job losses for a piece of the action. Then and only then can we fix the political system.

By Jack E. Lohman

Think about it. Had we a clean Congress, would we have had corporate laws that allowed a crony Board of Directors to approve massive CEO salaries over the best interests of the shareholders? Or public. Or even the “crony” Board of Directors in the first place??? Or the corporation’s ability to receive public tax breaks for unGodly “CEO expenses?” Or the corporation’s ability to outsource American jobs without paying a price??? Like import tariffs?

Folks, we have a major problem called corruption at the top. Whether you are a Lefty or Rightie, your politician is a frigging crook!!!. Basking in the $175,000 that Democratic Sen. Moran now claims is not enough to live (or retire) on.

Frankly, I could care less what the politicians voted for, as long as they were not on the payroll of the corporations making the profits. OR getting cash bribes from the Kochs and Roves and Sorros’ of the world, calling them campaign contributions protected by the Constitution.

I recently read that 100% of senators deciding the big cable merger received cash from the PACs involved. Our spending time on all of our “little fires” is absolutely stupid, but exactly what the crooks want.

Which the equally-corrupt Supreme Court now approves!

I am not bothered by the court’s recent giveaway (McCutcheon). It is simply “more of the same,” and I don’t even see the court surviving the armed rebellion that is sure to develop.

Get ready for a new country, or fix the current one. We *MUST* have a viable third party effort. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!

Sorry guys, get used to it.

February 24, 2014

As long as we have two factions — my money versus your money, and corrupt politicians willing to take from one side or the other to pad their own wealth — this corruption will continue. *ONLY* public funding of campaigns will fix it!

By Jack E. Lohman

Taxpayers are already funding the campaigns, at multiple times the cost than if we were to just eliminate the high payola-induced tax breaks, and needless corporate subsidies, and paid the discounted costs UP FRONT!!!

We’d pay these costs DIRECTLY, rather than via a bunch of costly middlemen, and we’d pay only for things the public needs, rather than for things THE SPECIAL INTERESTS WANT! Count on this: NOTHING happens without cash flowing, and good laws do not require payola.

Our country is being run by the corporations and their campaign bribes to politicians! Why do we voters allow it? Why don’t the politicians fix it?

Obviously because they like the system broken, as it enables the campaign bribes that keep them elected. And the CEOs can demand high and unjustified salaries, and kickbacks to the politicians result. Then CEOs write off their high salaries as an expense to the company, and the taxpayers pay again as the politicians get a piece of the take.

How are you liking it so far?

America is a TERRIBLE role model for the rest of the world.

But our politicians love it anyway. Why would the corruption in Ukraine and Egypt and everywhere else NOT mimic the US when we’re doing okay (yet still rank 24th on the global corruption scale? Not 1st, mind you…).

And all the while our conservative groups think the Lefties are bad, and the reverse for the Liberals and Righties, while the Fat Cat 1%er’s take them both to the cleaners. Distractions, overseen by our esteemed politicians who pocket a piece of the profits.

The 1%er’s are screwed too…

It’s called “backfire!” Or getting what you didn’t bargain for. I wouldn’t want to tolerate having to always look over my shoulder. Already 5-6 of the rich bankers have taken the quick way out… either jumping (or being pushed) off of tall buildings. Alternatively, they can take their money to a deserted island, where their only worry is pirates or corrupt security guards. Or (get this…) corrupt politicians who confiscate their wealth as being illegally obtained.

Now that I could be tickled with…

But I’d prefer not putting my family through that. They can get that in the U.S… without travel.

Where do we go from here?

I simply don’t know if OIL is best transported by pipeline or rail, or fracking is good for us or bad for us. But I’d guess that if our politicians had not been getting a piece of the action… in campaign bribes … we’d have known the answer decades ago.

And I keep hearing that war is very profitable, anyway for the defense manufacturers Lockheed and Bechtel. And the politicians who get a piece of the action via campaign bribes. But part of me says… let’s just bring our troops home, and NOT in body bags. And let’s spend our money on public schools and firefighters instead of drone strikes. As a one-time hawk I don’t like the killing any more. Our nation is better than that.

Be careful of what you ask for…

I have mixed emotions here. YES a $10.10 wage is needed, though I’d rather it be applied AFTER our esteemed politicians are removed from the payroll of the corporations. Campaign bribes WORK (!!) when you have crooks sitting in congress.

I do not want — 5 years from now — us asking why all the jobs are now in Asia. They are there because the politicians get a piece of the action. That corruption must stop or they must go to jail.

I want import tariffs, but with corrupt politicians that is not possible. But as well, Lefties, there is another reason Obama and crew want to limit guns… It’s called an “armed rebellion” which they’d like to prevent but is inevitable.

Who owns America? The Fat Cats, who also own the politicians!

February 5, 2014

One study has the top 300 wealthiest Americans making $25 billion more this year, with a combined net worth exceeding ALL countries in the world (except for the US and China). They didn’t get there for free.

By Jack E. Lohman

At 76 I often wonder… What kind of country am I leaving to my kids and grand-kids? How long will we remain a country with three equal divisions (congress, administrative, and supreme court)? Is the next step an armed rebellion? A military takeover? Both?

We have a group in congress (435 House and 100 Senate) who have learned that working for the rich guys (the Fat Cats) is more profitable to their own wealth than working for us! WE (the voters) do not give campaign cash, but they do. And they would rather that our congress spend taxpayer funds on their business rather than the taxpayers’. You know… on corporate subsidies rather than public schools.

Cash works, and unfortunately, so does corruption.

2014 and eliminating Scott Walker will be key…

Providing we can wake the voters up.

Now our infamous Scott Walker is getting more serious about his “Tax Reform.” You know, eliminating the state tax on salaries which can be adjusted downward for the poor to the detriment of the rich. He won on Act 10 and Abortion, and obviously feels tough.

At least tougher than Wisconsin voters.

Remember David Petraeus?

One day in 2012, when discussing Barack Obama with a reporter, he let slip something to the effect of, “He better remember who he’s talking to.” Meaning “himself.” A US General. With control over the military. With guns!

And then I realized why we paid him so much! He control(ed) our defense department. And he has guns. Lots of them. And if a military coup occurs, he’s going to be involved!

So the question arises… When are the generals going to look at our congress and do something about it? AND, are we-the-people going to be happy with their form of greed?

But now, Fat Cats, where do you go?

Wealth may be satisfying to some egos, but what’s next.

Why is Scott Walker wanting new tax rules?

January 10, 2014

Because his Fat Cat friends and contributors want a tax break! Simple as that. It is campaign payola, people, wake up!!!

By Jack E. Lohman

“No taxes on income” sounds great, doesn’t it. But the politicians have to tax something, so Walker wants to stop taxing salary and instead increase taxes elsewhere, like on sales taxes and housing. Like Rick Perry’s Texas does, don’cha know?

For now his seeking appeal to presidential voters is on our side, I think, but he could toggle overnight and decide not to run for president. Then, watch your wallet.

A shift in tax burden makes the Fat Cats happy!

Why? Because EVERYBODY with a minimum wage job, must then PAY (in increased sales and increased real estate taxes). Not mostly those people with higher salaries, as it is now.

And EVERYBODY who lives in a house, must PAY through payments or rent! Nobody is cut any breaks, except maybe the homeless! But we’ll nail them with increased sales taxes when they buy other things. Like school clothes, if they can. They won’t get away from us, except for the Fat Cats.

And Walker’s Fat Cat contributors like that just fine.

Wisconsin’s problem, and it will become more troublesome if Walker succeeds, is spending money on Fat Cat projects rather than “citizen” needs, and changing the tax code will make it worse. Increasing taxes on the people and decreasing them on campaign contributors is NOT what voters had in mind when they elected him.

How are you liking him so far?

*ONLY* public funding of campaigns will fix it!

None of this imbalance would occur if our politicians were not getting a piece of the action, in campaign cash that funds their elections.

And of course some of this comes from the left-wing unions that promote high wages for teachers and bureaucrats and taxpayer-funding of out-of-sight pensions. So neither the Democrats or Republicans get a free pass on this. They are BOTH at fault!

Even ObamaCare would likely not have passed without $125 million in campaign cash changing hands. And “fracking” may or may not be good for the world, but I’d prefer politicians that are getting paid by “we the people” rather than funding by the frackers or bankers. Or the Nuclear Power gurus, or school-to-prison pipelines.

But YOU are paying the price, in terms of schools moving to “for-profit” charters, and under-funded police and fire departments and whatever.

Three states already have Clean Elections or low-donor campaigns (AZ, ME, CT), and while not perfect all 50 states should join the crowd to eliminate political corruption and payola.

Campaigns at a cost to taxpayers at a fraction of today’s costs!

I hate to break it to you, people, but you are ALREADY paying for the cost of political campaigns. But you do so when they add the high costs of government privatizing and other taxpayer giveaways. There is no free lunch.

But wouldn’t you prefer that your politician were not getting a piece of the action whenever he makes a spending decision?

WHO named these hospital administrators GOD???

January 7, 2014

Right or wrong, the PARENTS or KIDS should have sole authority!!! Hospital CEOs and politicians should stay out of it.

By Jack E. Lohman

On one of the talk shows (Fox) they interviewed a daughter that wouldn’t give up. They declared her father brain-dead, but she stayed true. He recovered and is walking the streets today.

‘Nuff said.

Some things are family matters, and some are government. (Though both cases make me wonder about the hospital and doctor.)

And in Utah they’ve ruled against Gay marriages!

My question is… WHY don’t all of these do-gooder politicians mind their own frigging business??? I don’t buy into gay marriage, and after 57 years of marriage my (female) wife wouldn’t either. But enough is enough. Politicians, do your job (and ONLY your job!)

And in Afghanistan or Iraq, or wherever. If they don’t like it, their citizens should change it! Like we did! With a bloody revolution, but it should be them fighting, and not us! And certainly not our politicians, don’cha know?

And if I want to buy the services of a prostitute, church-going politicians should sit it out! (Trust me. At 76 I won’t need their services!) But I’m tired of their holier-than-thou and pompous attitudes.

WE cannot even fix our own political corruption. We have no business fixing other people’s smaller things.

Rules for 501(c)(3)’s must be changed, and the IRS can do it!

January 2, 2014

The Karl Rove’s of the world should be banned from taxpayer-funded status, and politician’s sites in general. But as well, transparency and disclosure are needed for the rest.

By Jack E. Lohman

Up to 50 per day, that’s how many donations I was recently asked for. I gave zero.

Indeed there are many good causes, and I have my favorites. But my wife deals with those, while I simply remain on everybody else’s sucker email list. (My answer is always the same… “remove me!”)

If you want the advantage of a tax break, let the public know some details!!!

I am not a fan of the Wounded Warrior Project, whose CEO makes $311.5K per year and they spend over 36% fundraising, with only 57.9% going to program expenses. Nor am I of the CEO that was recently jailed after pocketing over $100 million in a “Vets” charity scam.

And I must wonder: Why is the government not already taking care of our Vets? Rather than ensuring that my tax money goes to the defense manufacturers or oil companies? Huh? Why???

We want to know…

And the IRS can demand that the following information be placed on ALL web sites used by the 501(c)(3) charity. Whether right-wing or left-wing or wacko-fringe, WE TAXPAYERS DESERVE TO KNOW!

What is the CEO salary? Is it reasonable? List the top FIVE highest salaries of employees of the group.

What amount of dollars are spent on OUTSIDE services (like management services  that can be kicked back to executives, or unusual product expenses). This obviously needs oversight by qualified tax attorneys.

The Charity Navigator format is an excellent starting place for format and data collected, though some may need to be added (submit your ideas!).

Of course the starting point is the politicians. Why hasn’t this been done before? Are some getting campaign bribes to NOT do this? Can you imagine what positives will be derived (by legitimate charities) once people realize that their money is going only to good causes?

Okay Mr. Bill O’Reilly, how do we fix it?

November 22, 2013

Blowhards wouldn’t be bad if they put their brains in gear first!

By Jack E. Lohman

Our problem is clearly political corruption. We have moneyed interests on both sides of all issues. The defense industry versus the peaceniks. The fracking and oil companies versus the environmentalists. The insurance companies versus the patients. The road contractors versus the taxpayers. And the list goes on.

Obviously the corporations have the biggest pot of money, and thereby lies the problem. Our country is bowing to the wrong master. Politicians are attracted to big money. It is those with money, versus those without. It is not really a left versus right issue, it is cash versus no cash. It is the fight for Big Bucks… NOT for good management!

It is a concentration of cash, not of voters or citizens. And our politicians LOVE it.

The crime is what it is doing to our country.

So Mr. O’Reilly, YES! ObamaCare is bad and should be repealed. As I’ve said before, it’s like building an expressway between New York and Los Angeles… going first through Florida and then Seattle.

BUT (!!) that’s what the $123 million in campaign bribes to the senators was intended to accomplish, and it DID!!! It sought corrupt politicians, and found them!

WHY did you not report this on your TV program? Could it be that a large portion of the bribes filter down to the media in political campaign ads???

We have crooks and criminals, Bill, and you are enabling them!


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